The Simpsons couch gag last night was a clever Ikea spoof


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This time I really can sympathize with Homer.


Is the Simpsons still on?


In Ikea’s defence, few if any of their products actually involve nails.

(also their instructions are really good, but I get that this trope uses Ikea as shorthand for instructions in general)


Billy does!
I assembled a few of these…


Agreed on good Ikea instructions - other flatpack furniture instructions are much, much harder to follow.

And yeah, I’ve only seen nails for things like the back panels of bookshelves - nothing structural,


Isn’t Billy their oldest design? They tried replace it with another bookcase system, and I don’t know if that has nails, but people like their billy. It has to be their most ubiquitous product.


Its name needs to be treated with deference due to its age. Billstonehaugh? Billmondely? Billchamp?


I think we have at least five of those, maybe more. (I can’t remember what the shelves in the library are right now, but they certainly could be of the Billy line.) They’re holding up surprisingly well, considering some of them are at least 15 years old and we have them packed full.

We have other Ikea furniture, only some of which hasn’t lasted. (The chairs seem to have problems, but I can’t fault the table or the dressers.) Of course I did have help assembling the dressers …


Look at that cat-manager!


She always had to be involved. I often wondered if I should have listed her as “project manager” for some of the client work I did out of my home office - considering how she would sit in my lap (or on my desk, between me and the keyboard) and stare at the screen as I worked.

She was also the only cat I’ve ever seen that liked power tools. (In this picture, I’m using a manual screwdriver, but she would hang out just as close if it was a drill or even a saws-all.) She was a very strange and special kitty, but then again they all are, really.

Edit: She stared at the screen, I worked. That makes a lot more sense, I hope!


We have three Billys. Love to get rid of them, but they do hold an enormous amount of books.


Yes, but who the hell reads instructions? Not Homer, that’s for sure!



It was a Meh gag, imo.

#16 -25:15


They still make BILLY, but they have discontinued the color of the book cases in my library (grrr)
AND they’ve changed IVAR so the side rails on the shelves are plastic.


Holy crap, 1966?!

Thanks, hadn’t heard of that music. I’d guess it’s been a big influence on Danny Elfman!

Edit: Same source for the music here?

Edit: Ha!


I had three cat managers this weekend when assembling a bookshelf. Sigh. I was totally micromanaged. And then there was the quality control checking…


I hope your stress levels were monitored, so your managers were able to assure the build quality.