The slot machines that used to tour with Lemmy of Motörhead

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I’m a big fan of Mat from Techmoan, there are so many interesting video’s of tech from not that long ago that has almost passed from memory.


As an kid from the US, I was confused reading UK metal mags always describing Lemmy being spotted at a show and hanging out by the “fruit machine.” I couldn’t fathom why he was always near a produce vending machine, nor why the brits had them installed at clubs.


It’s weird to me that it took so long for him to get to the skill versus chance legal issues that’s involved in these. Also weird that he skipped over some other form factors, like bartops. Hoping both will be featured in future videos. Otherwise a really great deep dive. I’m a big fan of his videos.

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Even knowing that a fruit machine is what we call a “slot machine” it still is kind of weird. Yes, they are all over the place in places like Las Vegas, but in most states they are illegal and only found in casinos on native reservations (which technically are outside their state and can have their own gambling rules decided on by the tribe in question).

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Yeah, who knew that that were so many competing audio tape formats in the 1960s and 1970s? I mean, most people have heard of 8-tracks in addition to the standard compact cassette, but there were dozens, most of which Mat has covered.

Once when I was traveling to VA from CA, the friend who I was driving with and I stopped off at a restaurant and casino in Reno to eat. We were waiting in the lobby to be seated and all of a sudden, there was all this racket and flashing lights behind me. I turned around and my friend Wayne was standing there with a “What did I just do?” look of guilt on his face. Bored and hungry, he has put a $5 bill into a GIANT one-armed bandit, pulled the giant lever, and won the $5,000 jackpot. It was so surreal. Needless to say, dinner was on him.


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