Short 1964 film present the "Slot Machine Age"

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Pinball was #1 in those way back days on the Jersey Shore. Most only cost 5 cents, newer machines were 10 cents, didn’t jump to 25 cents till the mid 70’s. A practiced technician could stretch a nickel for hours with wins and free balls.


So automats, pinball machines, pay phones, jukeboxes, and vending machines are all “slot machines” because you pay by putting the coins in a slot?

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I hadn’t realized that “slot machine” meant a coin operated machine; maybe only in the UK?. I thought slot machine referred exclusively to specific types of gambling machines. A quick trip to the wiki shows that Brits called such gambling devices a “fruit machine”.


It stopped! But I wanted to see Sandra Barry and her Boys in the juke box! This was a really excellent video and produces one of the strongest instances of “nostalgia for a time I never knew” that I’ve experienced. (There should be a word for that and no doubt someone will tell me what it is in German.)


The technical term is “PFY”.


That one needs a straw dispenser next to it.

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i remember an auto-mat in Dallas when I was a kid. My dad said “its good if you are in a hurry, but its not really good”

I like the idea. and would love to see it revitalized.
(with whiskey too)

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I’m sure ‘Gaberdine Angus’ here appreciates the privacy that slot machines afford compared to those questions from the chemist

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Two shillings?!

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“The machine will never replace the pretty waitress”

Groan. But with the way things are heading how long before there is a tip screen on vending machines?

Or a “one arm bandit”.

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And just in time for the season, we have this re-created 1940s scare vending machine.

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