The SmartMike+ is a wireless stereo mic that makes smartphone audio sound amazing

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My pet peeve of this product description.

  1. The picture is NOT an accurate demonstration of the product.
    (I had to lookup the owners manual to understand how the product is supposed to work.)

Below is the relevant picture taken from the manual:

The kit comes with two parts, one bluetooth microphone, and one (optional) bluetooth receiver with standard microphone/handset mini jack.

Manual for product (should be linked in the Boing Boing Store.)

So I can hook it up to a regular camera, then.

I think you are confusing the functionality a bit by cutting off the 3d mode from the screen capture of manual.

The kit does not come with" two parts." Just one.

The transmitter is actually multi-purpose and has both a transmitter and receiver mode. But you only get one included.

One, or two of them at the same time, can transmit direct to a phone via Bluetooth, but only if you use the proprietary SmartMike+ recording app. It doesn’t use standard Bluetooth audio encoding. You can’t live stream, or use any other recording/camera app. (There may be a fallback mode for lower quality audio that’s standards compliant, but I’m not sure.)

If you want to stream, or record on a phone with the app of your choice, or record on a video camera, you need to buy two SmartMike+ units at $125 each ($250) and set one to receive mode. You then hook a 3.5mm TRS cable from the receiver to the phone or camera’s mic input.

For video for an extra $50 you can just buy the more useful $300 Rode Wireless Go II, which will get you two wireless transmitters that record locally in 24 bit audio as a back up in case of drop outs and transmit simultaneously to the receiver that hooks up to your phone or computer via USB-C or a 3.5mm TRS cable. The transmitters have built in mics, or you can buy optional lavs to plug into them.


Only if you buy a second $125 SmartMike+ unit to use in receiver mode.

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