The teaser trailer for Luc Besson’s Valerian has flirting, fighting, and flying

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flirting, fighting, and flying.

Might just work.

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Hard to tell if there is an actual, you know, plot. Perhaps those are optional in today’s movies.

Were those intentional references? I couldn’t even count them all!

Looks pretty neat. Throw in a fast-talking radio show host sidekick, and I think we’ve got a winner.

Have you seen The Fifth Element? Meh it’s Luc Besson, it will be wild crazy beautiful and not make any sense at all but the eye candy value will be worth it.


Is the original comic published as “Valerian” in US too?
I’m asking that because it’s published as “Valerian & Laureline” in France/Belgium, and it’s pretty weird they butchered the original title and ditched the beloved name female character… too bad, it could have popularized the name “Laureline”: it is a popular female name for babies since decades in my country, and it appears that Christin/Mézières created that name back then).

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Funny, I knew most of them as just “Valerian”, published in France. Only later did it become “Valerian & Laureline”

Edit: indeed, the french Wikipedia page notes the series was only renamed to “Valerian & Laureline” in 2007.

The full title is actually:
“VALERIAN and the city of the thousand planets”.
Having both names would give you
"VALERIAN & LAURELINE and the city of the thousand planets"
Longer, ugly double-and, and likely difficult to pronounce for non-French speakers - I’m sure she’ll end up being called “Lawreleen” in Italy (which I guess is closer to the original French) and “Lawrelain” in the US, whereas he’ll be “Valeree-an” everywhere.

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I’m looking forward to the movie and hope it’s good – but those two leads look like they haven’t been getting enough sleep lately.

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Yeah, the Fifth Element movie is just a long commercial plug for FHLOSTON PARADISE!!!


And I, for one, was quite disappointed that we never got to see it.


Well, if this is a post-Hypsis storyline, that’s appropriate for the characters :slight_smile:

For some background to the comic-book series: up until book 8, Valerian (& Laureline) were space-based time-travel agents for the human interplanetary empire charged with defending its interests (which occasionally led them in conflict with their morals.)

However, books 9-12 covered two related arcs about some mysterious force trying to destroy the empire by changing its past. The twist is rather amusing (it’s my favourite illustration of that idea), and the empire ends up destroyed. Valerian & Laureline are then left stranded with their time-travel spaceship, left to make a life for themselves in a colourful but dangerous galaxy, which the following stories cover.

BTW, Book 15 served as a stylistic foundation for NYC in the movie The 5th Element, for which illustrator Mezieres worked on.

There are many stylistic similarities over the whole series with Star Wars (the endless multitude of alien races, the downtrodden heroes with their junker spaceship), but it’s hard to say who inspired who: the Valerian series started in 1970. Star Wars came out in 1977.

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[2014] I can’t do this job just like a business. If I don’t love the film and I’m not ready to get exhausted for it, I can’t do it. I can’t go to Hollywood, take a big cheque and say, “Action!” and “Cut!”. It’s just not me. I come from the source, from the ground up: putting cables together and holding cameras aged 17, and I’m physically like that. If I believe in a film, I don’t care if it’s very successful or not successful. I want to be proud of it. I’ve done films that worked a lot and films that didn’t work so well, and I don’t care. “Angel-A” was a black and white film in French - I love this film - and “The Extraordinary Adventures of Adèle Blanc-Sec” was a comedy in French, but then “The Fifth Element” was popular everywhere. It doesn’t matter because the real life of a film is ten years later. Two years ago I was in Korea and this 15 year-old Korean guy with a red mohawk came up to me aggressively - I was a little scared - and he said, ““Subway” is my favourite film!” I asked him how old he was and realised that he wasn’t even born when I made it. That’s the beauty of film.
– Luc Besson

Luc wrote this one, but he also wrote Subway, Leòn, La Femme Nikita, Unleashed, Angel-A, and The Fifth Element. I’d say chances are good there’s a plot.


Oooh, pretty. Will certainly go to see this.

Having said that, it mentions “From the director of Lucy”. Really? I mean, I liked the movie once I got past the idiotic premise, but in an ad? Must have been more popular than I thought.


The music in the trailer was much more interesting than the typical drums in the generic action movie trailer.


OK, here you go.

In a world…
where people live on a steady diet of 90s trailer narration…
two humanoids…
have what it takes…
to take great vacation photos.
Until one day…
everything changes.

How’s that?


It’s a Luc Besson movie. Plot isn’t his strong point, visuals are.


and Ruby Rhod!


Dane DeHaan always looks like that, but I love him anyway.

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