The theology of Trump


he earns the difference between the 98% ad 86% off deals in the BB store?


Probably as good a venture as “Trump Steaks”.


I was thinking about this the other day. The thing about Ford was that in the Mayoral race, there were multiple opponents to Ford, and the ‘anyone but Trump’ voters, who were in the majority but only just, split their vote between the other candidates.

In a two way race, like the US presidential election, he might not have won.


Agree 100%. My parents think they failed on their part by not raising me in the “church”. I asked why, and it seems that they somehow link morality to religion (Christianity, since that’s their faith). When I pushed a little on it as why do I need religion to teach me morality they didn’t really have an answer other than something along the lines of just cause how would you know without it. I said the golden rule seems to work pretty well to me, besides it’s not like most Christians actually practice what is preached.

In a way I do seem modern religion (at least in the US and the South) being a kind of social get together. It’s like a place you go where most everyone has similar view points and you all kind of hang out. I do remember being a bit jealous of a friend in the neighborhood who did youth group and would talk about having parties and hanging out. That aspect seemed alright. But anytime I’ve been in a church I always get this air of judgement, like I’m not one of you and I’ll never be. Now that I’m an adult that’s fine by me.

Note One of the things that I most detest about religion is the fleecing of the people for the good of the church. You can drive around rural NC and find plenty of churches that are 60+ years old and well maintained, and that’s a good thing. But you’ll also see a new church, one that cost 15 to 20x what the average home is going for (maybe more than that.) When your congregation is made up of people who live in $75k homes and going to a new $2 million church something doesn’t sit right with me.


No one can trump Trump?

(I’ll just get my coat)


No, but perhaps you can Cripple Mr Onion. :slight_smile:


In jolly olde England, trump is a slang word for fart.

must be short for trumpet


hands not to scale (they are so much tinier in real life, from squeezing the mullah from turnips and such)


It’s the main reason he and Pope Francis never see eye-to-eye.


The last prominent American politician who actually seemed to practice what he preached on Christianity was Jimmy Carter. And I mean that literally: he’s a deacon.



BB seems to be giving Trump so much coverage I’m tempted to think they’re in the bag for him. That’s fine by me though, as I’ll take Trump (anti-TPP) over HRC (spokeswoman and mascot for the TPP). If only BB and the rest of the media had given Bernie so much coverage, we could have avoided another lesser of two evils election.


I mean, it’s nice to religious leaders complaining about him, but it’s important to remember that evangelical leaders are de-facto GOP elites. The evangelical movement has been an arm of the GOP for the last few decades. Their rhetoric has never been honest or spiritually meaningful. Compare their description of abortion with their action on it. They claim that babies are being murdered in their very towns, but the only responsible way to oppose it is to vote for their preferred candidate. They’ve trained large numbers of people that the path to Jesus lies in cognitive dissonance and self-deception. And then they complain when these same people go for Trump.

The white evangelical movement was founded to provide a moral case for slavery. It’s primary purpose has always been racism. They’ve always valued empty, meaningless words over meaningful action. There are reasonable and moral evangelical people, but the movement and especially the leadership is grim. They are reaping what they’ve sewn right now.


I’m always amazed when someone from the Team Jesus thinkpiece production community wakes up, drenched in cold sweat, with the realization that they actually live in Rome, surrounded largely by Romans, regardless of the nominal adoption of various christianity-flavored decorative elements.

Not because this is false; but because it’s sufficiently obvious that I naively assumed that we would have run out of people to be surprised by it by now.

It’s not that his criticisms of Trump are incorrect or anything; it’s just that he seems to be working from the strong implication that they are even vaguely novel among evangelical-supported figures, rather than being more or less the rule(if often masked by more tactful hypocrisy than The Donald prefers).


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