Megachurch televangelists lay hands on Donald Trump, ask Jesus to vote for him


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Who knew Jesus was registered to vote in the US?


I wonder if he’s come up with an answer to that “can you provide a single example of a passage from the Bible, which you have claimed is your favorite book” question yet.


Makes sense, since the ascendancy of The Donald is surely a sign of the End Times.

via: Mitch O’Connell


Which reminds me to watch “They Live” again.


So the guy is not sure what if any christian affiliation he claims, and has no discernible morality except “Never give a sucker an even break”, and “You fucked up, you trusted me”.
On the other hand, he’s a narcissist and an authoritarian, so they are lining up to kiss his boot.


You forgot the most important part: they hate all the same people!


Isn’t “enemy of my enemy” the kind of logic that got us in trouble in the Middle East? More than once?

It’s fun to watch Trump run around and jump through the hoops, but sometimes it’s a little scary.


It’s the “Gif” that keeps on giving!


In my fantasy world, the next Republican Primary Debate is staged at the Ypsilanti State Psychiatric Hospital.


The they live meme is strong in this one.


If only rank hypocrisy would also cause instant, debilitating hemorrhoids.

That would make this an event I would pay to attend.


I welcome the IRS’s investigation to ensure that these acts by these representatives of “megachurches” don’t violate the laws banning political campaign activity by churches.


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(not really).


BUT Jesus was a socialist! The sermon on the mount with the free distribution of fish and bread. The free healing of the sick (affordable health care). The chasing out of the capitalist vendors and money changers from the temple.

“whatever you do unto the least of these” is practically a socialist mantra.

“Behold the fowls of the air: for they sow not, neither do they reap, nor gather into barns; yet your heavenly Father feedeth them…And why do you worry about clothes? See how the flowers of the field grow. They do not labor or spin.”

Not to mention, isn’t Donald trying to deport anyone named Jesus? Isn’t he against anyone from the middle east. I loved the end of the video when that pretentious guy sticks his hand over donald’s face…you can just see donald thinking “get your hand out of my f’n face and stop talking in that terrorist talk” his reaction is pricless.

HYPOCRITES!!! These people are the scum of the earth and pretentious a-holes that prey on the poor and impressionable. Con artists the lot of them.


I keep waiting for Christopher Walken to shake Trump’s hand, and see the awful future that’s in store…


Jesus was an anchor baby.


if you watch that loop long enough strange things start to happen.


Could you possibly more completely misinterpret this event?

asking the Lord to give the GOP presidential frontrunner wisdom, stability and knowledge…

That’s a good deal different from “asking Jesus to vote for him.” Personally, I’d like all the candidates to have wisdom, stability and knowledge. Imagine if this prayer was granted, and Trump woke up and started fighting for justice.


Trump had a conversion experience.

“Wait…I don’t have to pay ANY taxes?
Welcome Trump Crystal Cathedral - formerly known as Trump Plaza. The hugest, most classy Church Casino in the entire galaxy. Jesus wants you to win a craps; you just have to pray hard enough.”

Endorsed by the Space Pope.