Anti-Trump Evangelicals contrast Trump and Jesus in Michigan billboards

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They should have done this all 4 years of his presidency, and during 2016 election season!

A bit fucking late to notice the obvious fucking contrast now guys, but sure- keep it up!


Good. Spend all your money and eat each other alive. Less money for the anti-gay and anti-choice crap you usually put up there.

Don’t get me wrong; I’m all for anti-trump billboards. It would have been nice if more of you had a spine and open eyes 4 years ago, but that ship has sunk.

This is one case where the-enemy-of-my-enemy is NOT my friend. When it comes to trump-cultists and evangelicals, I’d be hard pressed to say which are bigger ass-holes.


^ This. Exactly this.


Christians who actually read the Bible, what will they think of next?


Actually, it should be smaller assholes, as both groups are completely full of shit.


Nah, when it backs up it usually comes out of their mouth in the form of sound instead.


But there’s Trump cultists, evangelicals and trump cultist evangelicals
In this case, it’s Trump- cultist evangelicals vs evangelicals. So it’s easy to tell which is the bigger asshole. Not that it makes a significant difference.


FWIW, it doesn’t really look like this is an evangelical organization as the phrase is commonly understood in american politics. It appears to be more of a “people of faith who are horrified by Donald Trump.” These billboards target evangelicals, but I don’t think the organization producing them would qualify as such (again, by the American politics definition: the phrase means something different to many Christians).

I personally think all religions are weird and don’t understand them, but this group doesn’t seem to be characterized by “temporary alliance with permanent enemies”

Here is their letter to faith leaders urging them to work against trump, and aside from more mentions of God, it could easily be a piece here on Boing Boing:

I somewhat randomly googled three of the signatures and these are the people I found:

I’m sure if I read through the whole list and dug into their backgrounds more I would find people and positions I disagree with, but that doesn’t seem to be part of the core of the organization.


Wasted money, since you cannot change what refuses to change. However, I give the effort applause, albeit weak, since these should have been up before Trump the Unfit bought the office of POTUS.


Well, except they hadn’t gotten their Supreme Court Nominee yet. His prophecy has been fulfilled and he’s all used up now, so they can cast him aside in biblical fashion.


I commend both of them on their attempt at some consistency. Keep at it, and eventually you won’t just have freed yourself from Trump, you’ll also have freed yourself from “fundamentalism” and will be able to be real Christians.


Did they just start flipping pages and point to some random spot?

There are a lot more profound Bible v. Trump statements they could have used.


Okay, that makes more sense. “Vote Common Good” is not a phrase actual Evangelicals would have come up with.



I think the sign uses an appropriate quote, because it finally says aloud what self-identified Evangelicals have resisted acknowledging: that Trumpvangelicals worship not God, but Trump. They claim they back Trump because he’s doing God’s work. In reality they use God to do Trump’s work. There’s no doubting who gets top billing.




There has always been a sizable subset of Evangelical Christians who were horrified by Trump and his ilk from the start, but by and large they aren’t the ones who are politically organized.

Remember that “American Christians as a homogenous voting block for the far right” is a relatively recent phenomenon in our nation’s history. Martin Luther King Jr.'s doctorate wasn’t in Physiology.


They had 40 years to organise and provide a counter-narrative to the one pushed by Falwell and Robertson and Weyrich and the other scumbag Xtianists. Whatever their reasons for not doing so, the result is that they have to live with the public perception that to be an American Evangelical is to be an enabler of politicians whose party is a death cult that worships Mammon and Moloch.


That was my first thought as well. He is, in many, many ways, an anti-Christ. Not in the prophetic sense, but in that the values he has espoused since he entered public life are diametrically opposed to everything Christ is supposed to have said.


If this is Evangelicals, well, not surprising. They got what they wanted with a 6-3 SCOTUS and nothing else matters. So now they get to reclaim the moral high ground with a lot pearl clutching about how awful a human being Trump is. It’s all very convenient.

If, as others have said upthread, this is some other group of Christians, I say how about reining in your own? Where were these sentiments when your Evangelical neighbors put a Nazi in the Whitehouse just so you could overturn Roe? There was plenty of alignment as long as the train was headed to a destination you liked, regardless of how many innocent people were lying on the tracks.

It’s all ends justifying means again, and I can’t abide it. Your little pet project may have destroyed this country.