The theology of Trump

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Trump’s Holy Trinity is Lucifer (Pride), Mammon (Greed), and Beelzebub (Wrath) wearing a hollowed out Jesus-skin like a suit.


Cruz is Lucifer. At least according to Boehner.


To quote a recent tweet on the subject:

I’m proBernie but would vote Hillary as I am a one issue voter and that issue is not opening the seventh seal and ushering in the apocalypse


No comments on the linked piece? One of my favorite things these days is watching conservatives argue about Trump.


At the very beginning I chuckled about Trump running and the annoyance of the conservatives. Besides if a miracle occurred and he became the GOP nominee, it would be a huge route come election day.

Then I remember my home town, Toronto, elected Rob Ford.

I’ve haven’t felt completely safe since.

An angry populace is a dangerous populace…



The theology of Trump is shiny gold-plated things.


I don’t think the minister’s opinion on religion is any more valid than Trump’s. Many of his points are extremely modern interpretations, some of which themselves are sourced from secularization of beliefs (like “just war doctrine”) . Not only is there a longer history of Christian strong man leaders (every king ruled by “divine right”), but the Bible itself is full of these kind of leaders. Frankly, Trump is a milquetoast compared to, say, Gideon.


In what sense is Horton “comically unprepared?”

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Another Trump post!


Until Drumpf is wading ankle deep in blood through the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, I will continue to question his credentials as a Christian Leader.


“Rather, his candidacy has revealed the inner secularization of significant portions of the movement, which surveys have documented for some time now.”

This is what I feel Christians mostly don’t understand. Something like 90% of people everywhere, at all times, don’t give a blessed hoot about theology as such. Sure, almost everyone wants to be a member of the tribe in good standing and take part in the rituals and community activities, so they go to church, sing the hymns and profess the creed. Many even live (try to live) according to the creed - since that’s just the social standard of behavior around their parts. But they don’t care about the theology of it at all. If their authority figures tell them (in a sufficiently clever and acceptable way) that the contents of tribally acceptable practices have shifted (divorce! usury! yay!), they will just accept it, integrate it and get on with their secular existence.

Only a very small fraction of believers ever explores any deeper levels of theological fundamentals of their faith, much less attempts any direct mystical understanding of it - even in very sophisticated systems aimed at attaining direct mystical connection like Buddhism, most members of society invariably just go on with their everyday lives, much more concerned with food, sex and money than with satori. But since Christians interpret their doctrine in a way that forces everyone to fully spiritually participate (or else!), this is a huge problem and a source of constant astonishment.


Maybe Trump owns a share of boing boing and takes home a profit from these posts.


Well, the Christian formulation of the just war doctrine actually goes back to St. Augustine, roughly around 400 AD, so it has been integral to mainstream Christian thought for quite some time.

I’m not sure Jesus would be on board with it, but then again his actual ideas and teachings have never really been particularly important to Christians.


I don’t think the minister is necessarily right. However, he does make the point that if Trump is declared to be an ‘Evangelical Christian’, then this is using some pretty unusual word values. Does he evangelize? He evangelizes himself. You are not allowed Other Gods. There are other, more warlike opinions of his that on people of other countries, races, and faiths, that would seem to have no part in the modern Christian canon. But if he awards himself the ‘Evangelical Christian’ label, and no-one questions it, then he gets away with it.

Most historical characters were jerks. The further back you go, the jerkier they get. Even the history of my youth is a hard read. I take this as a good thing - we are on average better informed, and less responsive to threats and misinformation. But it also means that saying Trump is pretty much the norm if you look at history should mean he is pretty awful, depending on how far you go. All the way to Gideon is pretty far, even for him.

“Thou shalt have no other Trumps before me…”


That is quite fitting for Trump with his strange, tangential connection to the English Language.

“Thou shalt have no other Trumps before me…”

“How dare you fart before the Queen!?”

“Sorry, I didn’t know it was her turn.”


Woefully ignorant of the history of modern Conservative Evangelicalism, for one. It began as a reaction to the Civil Rights Act; seeing them abandon their affectations of moral propriety to return to their racist roots should surprise no one.

But I suspect that he was actually referencing the lack of an effective plan for countering Trump’s appeal to Evangelicals.