The Thor-Odin dome




Not impressive at all…

I clicked expecting something this awesome

And why I get is silly pictures of rocks and an orange pen. :angry:


Sooo … you clicked before reading the text?


Yes, and I know it is against Boingboing terms of service, may Falcor forgive my poor soul.

Now, on a serious tone, I was expecting at least a cool map showing the extent of the dome, a geologist next to a huge rock formation, a rugged old man holding a stone, something BB worthy in it´s quirkiness. But, hey, I must admit educational websites from the 90’s are quite quirky.


I think it’s very gneiss


Even after reading the text I was hoping to see something a little more… Asgardian in the photos myself. :smiley:


I like 90s web sites. Information rich and low on JavaScript, just the way I like it. (Also, I’ve long enjoyed using tables for layout, heretical though that may be. What are graphic designers taught on day one of Layout School? “Lay it out on a grid.” And yet, it’s taken 20 years to get a working grid a.k.a. CSS flexbox that finally lets us use the table tag as intended, namely as metadata rather than for its layout properties.)


The hell I did just see?


Tables for layout are bad as they don’t allow for flexibility, specially in this age of multiple screen sizes and orientations. It’s responsivity.


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