The time Davy Crockett met Bigfoot who warned him about the Alamo

Yes, yes they do - but only w-a-y over by El Paso, which even today is still considered ‘Mexico’ by the East Texans.

Peyote wiki

Also, the Harry Hamlin autobiography has a chapter on a Spring Break trip to Mexico and a failed attempt to eat peyote that made me laugh until I hyperventilated:

Full Frontal Nudity by Harry Hamlin

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Tangentially related:


Bigfoot sightings in Texas are not uncommon and the history of sightings in Texas go back quite a way.


So now I know where MST3K got the quote…


Imagine my disappointment that this wasn’t about Crockett running into Big Foot Wallace, who would have been a teenager at the time, though it’s not clear to me whether he would have been in Texas yet.

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TY NickyG… Now that Rosanne has been cancelled, how will Miguel Conner…errr… I mean John Goodman survive ;p

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