The trailer for Creator is gripping

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Love the aesthetic, love the design, looks like a really promising film.


This certainly “looks” great; I hope that the writing is of an equally high quality.



Looks neat enough, but the “classic song with dramatic percussion” trailer trend really can’t end soon enough.


Does look visually very promising; despite the ‘insists-upon’ plot feature that (surely) the child android contains the methodically revealed fork bomb to restore peace and tranquility etc (see: the one child necessary to save the world meme)


Cool. I’m down with this.

Finally, not a reboot, sequel or franchise.


“we’re this close to winning the war, do thing i command or we go extinct…” doesn’t bode well. but i’m okay with watching pretty, bad writing. ( i only draw the line at pretty bad writing )

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Not yet, anyway.

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I’m getting reminded by some of those bots about the great comic Yojimbot, has a good story and great art:

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I love everything about this…

Except for the stupid use of an old rock song.

I adore that song, but…I’d MUCH rather have an interesting, well written soundtrack to evoke some good new emotions out of me. It’s not even particularly well mixed or well used…just…isolated vocals and other odd things…meh…

It’s bizarrely distracting from the visuals that are particularly great.

Hopefully, they will NOT have that in the final release…

PLEASE let me futuristic dystopia BE futuristic. :slight_smile:

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+1 re: the misplaced use of Dream On to oversell, which it didn’t need, but my biggest pet peeve are all the spoilers they just willingly hand over. I opted to stop watching the trailer to avoid learning any other major twists. I might actually like to be surprised.

See also; “Father figure escorting magical child across a hostile landscape”. I’m surprised it doesn’t star Pedro Pascal.


Reminds me a bit of Extinction, but with a bigger budget.

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I am definitely in the tiny minority who thinks the Star Wars franchise should have been permanently stopped after the appearance of the Ewoks in the ‘third?’ movie and was therefore not hugely impressed by Rogue One but I was massively impressed by Monsters and I hope this movie shares the humanity so intrinsic to Monsters. Gareth Edwards is a special effects guy as well as a director and I know it will look fantastic - I just hope the humans really are believably human.


i forgot about monsters, i also was super impressed by that movie. and didn’t they manage to make it on a shoe string budget?


Yep. Edwards did all the FX with 3DS Max on his personal laptop, IIRC.

“In a world…”

Hey buddy, if you’ve got a better plan for getting millions of late-term boomers into the theater against their will when their grandkids want to watch a cool robot flick, “we’re” all ears.

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