The Trump-appointed energy official who blamed wacko comments on hacking just resigned


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What a piece of shit.

Also TIL the Office of Indian Energy exists.


Oh Twitter, thou art a true and rough-hewn storm of shit, but in this blink of time before the powerful of the world fully understand thy reach and permanence, thou hast truly cut us a peeper’s notch through which to view their thinly-veiled and vile incompetent attempts at the art of existence.


How do pieces of shit like this achieve any power at all? I don’t get it.


There’s a “Et tu, Brute?” joke in this somewhere.


They’re given it by bigger pieces of shit. Of course, that leads to the question of the biggest shit of them all…


(he prefers to be called “Brute”)

Will asshole suffice?


Et tu, Brute?


Indian Energy?




It’s shit all the way down.


Because good and decent people play by the rules.


I think it’s just there. Right there. No setup required. It’s definitely the punchline.


“piece of work” comes to mind.

…ment of such academics. Bradford was an associate professor of law at the Indiana University Robert H. McKinney School of Law, before resigning in 2005 after a dispute over tenure and under suspicions of exaggerating his military service.[4][5][6][7][8][9] He was also briefly an assistant professor at the United States Military Academy before resigning in 2015 following the controversy stemming from the aforementioned article.[7][10]

More details in wiki article.


Hey, he said he was sorry. Isn’t that good enough anymore?


It seems less work to assume that everyone involved with Trump is an asshole and just call out those that aren’t (if there’s one at all).


Ironically, despite being the author of the tweets, it’s highly unlikely he’s the author of his boilerplate apology.


Why is this administration still in power? He has TO BE IMPEACHED ASAP


Who are the worst people I can appoint to posts in the government, Trump thought, taking a bite out of a Big Mac and washing it down with some Pepsi Clear he’d gotten in payment for doing advertisements back in the go-go '80s. Trump grabbed a handful of Doritos and thought about Ben Carson. He was a brain surgeon, thought the president-elect, he’d be perfect for HUD. Also, that chick that worked for Eric doing wedding planning. Definitely HUD material. What about that guy who tweeted all that Obama is an Iranian agent stuff? He’d be good in DOE. It’s all coming to together, he thought, as he drank more Pepsi Clear while flipping the channel to Fox & Friends.


he was the victim of a bad person who used his social media accounts “over the past several years”

He is not wrong. Just not clear that he victimized himself.