The Trump Recession

Trump’s crashing of the economy will be an ongoing story.


But it’s all the Fed’s fault.

Trump can do no wrong here.



It would interesting to see who is profiting from all this.

Every time he opens his lie hole stocks move. Every week he says some shit that moves the needle.

Somebody is playing the market.


Sorry Donnie- the branding decision has already been made; it’s the Trump Recession tm.


It’s a measure of how cowardly and how morally and intellectually bankrupt the GOP establishment is that they’re going to keep backing Biff right through November 2020 even as it costs them what they love most – their money.

No doubt: his family and his old cronies and regime insiders, working through cut-outs. They’re a bunch of crooks who see blind trusts and conflict-of-interest laws as fun challenges to be circumvented.


Re ‘branding’… Racist Trump Recession


I had to go back and watch Back to the Future II because I realized I had (somehow??) never seen this, and Biff was explicitly based on Trump.

Man, II is a dark dark movie. All guns and grifters and wife-beatings. So different in tone to the original. Also the literally hard coded ad for Back to the Future III at the end is very jarring! Sure takes “product placement” to a whole other level…


Il Douche was already famous as a gross, vulgar, bullying narcissist who was handed his wealth back in the 1980s. He was a natural model for the writers when they envisioned a wealthy Biff.

BTTF’s alternate 1985 also incorporates elements of “It’s a Wonderful Life”, which is a pretty damned dark movie itself. Over the years some Libertarians have made the argument that Pottersville (basically a company town replete with squalourous “entertainment”) is some kind of paradise; sooner or later one of them is going to make the same appeal on behalf of Biff’s Hill Valley.


Not really. 2 and 3 were filmed back to back, it’s basically a two-parter sequel to BTTF.


I think what we’re going to see in 2020 is a bizarre spectacle: the markets tanking and our money being set on fire while Trump and his cronies are on TV literally saying that the actual Wall Street numbers and financial data are “fake” and that the economy is stronger than ever. It’s going to be a true test of whom you believe: facts (and your wallet) or the words coming out of the President’s mouth.


Watch trump try to blame this recession on Hillary.



I mean, they were pretty explicit in the first movie that Lorraine wanted to bang her own son almost right up to the moment Biff attempted to rape her, so there is that.

Also, who knowingly hires his wife’s assaulter to detail his car? That family was f***ed up in any timeline.


This is the kind of situation that would be trying even for a competent President: on the one hand, they’d like to take drastic action to stave off a recession. On the other hand, they have to be outwardly confident about the economic outlook lest their own words and actions undermine public confidence and make it worse.

Needless to say, we do not have a competent President. So hold on to your butts.


Lorraine didn’t want to bang her son. She wanted to get sexually intimate - to what extent we don’t know - with an interesting boy of her own age. There is no magical sense in humans enabling us to snuff out close relatives and avoid them as sexual partners. The mechanism for that is nurture, not nature. That’s why adopted siblings, step siblings and kids raised communally also avoid each other as partners.

I grant you the “why did he hire biff” part. I blame that on different morals in 1955 and, more importantly, to show how the power dynamics between them had flipped.

On the lighter side, Trump got cucked by Canada’s PM


She didn’t knowingly want to bang her son. But c’mon, she literally took a strange boy’s pants off in her bedroom and practically pounced on him the first chance she got. That’s some pretty clear signalling that she wasn’t going to be satisfied with a peck on the cheek.


Yeah, but a girl wanting to have sex isn’t “dark”. And she was already kind of horny, because she fell for George under the same circumstances.

The movie also made it clear that she wouldn’t have followed through:

This isnt right.
I don
t know what it is, but… when I kiss you, somethings wrong. I almost
feel like… like I was kissing my brother… or my father. I don
t understand it, but I just know its wrong. I guess that doesnt make any sense, does it?


Marty McFly’s very existence hinges on a plan to aggressively, unconsensually feel up his own mom in an attempt to manipulate her into wanting to hook up with his dad. That’s some family-therapy-neccessitating shit right there any way you slice it.