The ultimate 1990s mail-order panflute CD commercial


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“Then we could have every song made and all possible songs yet to be made performed for us by Zamfir; an infinity of Zamfir spread from man’s darkest hour to the brightest vaults of heaven.”


Someone should deep-fake a slice of watermelon in place of the pan flute.


Shout it out through Mr Microphone Rob!


Zamfir (not this album, but some other album of his with lots of nature sounds) got a lot of play in my house as a kid, along with Andreas Vollenweider.


Oh, I remember Zamfir’s television commercials, all right.

Funny thing – just this morning I noticed that my housemate had acquired a Chuck Mangione CD, and I thought, this would make a hell of a Zamfir spoof:

“You’ve heard his hauntingly brassy music … his name is Mangione, master of the Flugelhorn …”


Is your housemate quite young? Because Chuck Mangione was pretty much the soundtrack of the very late 70’s and I personally choose to not every hear a Chuck Mangione tune on purpose because I had enough Chuck Mangione in my life by age 8.


It’s not real telesold 90s music unless the scrolling list of track names is in white with the currently playing tracks highlighted in yellow. These little details are very important to successful Old Ones blood magic invocation.


Housemate is in his late forties. He’s been talking recently about “picking up some CD’s that I keep hearing about but have never actually listened to.” The Mangione CD is probably in this category.

I understand your feelings: a little Mangione goes a long way; a little too much causes excess ear-wax buildup or something.




I’m just really surprised that anyone older than about 43 wouldn’t have enough Chuck Mangione already in their life. You couldn’t go anywhere in 1978 without hearing that one top 40 song of his.


Zamfir and John Popper should start a band together.


My deepest sympathies


Zamfir really knew how to milk that flute.


I think I survived OK. Actually, I have a copy of Down to the Moon, which gets played sometimes as background music when I want to hear something that embodies the 80s.


Here is a parody of that done in the late 80s (Written and narrated by a guy that went to work on the Simpsons as storyboard artist and eventually moving on to Pixar)

Ah the joys of Local Access cable.


No Moon River? Although it did say there were four more songs included. I wonder if Moon River is one of them. I’m too upset now. Time to put on some soothing pan flute by Zamfir.


I will forever be creeped out by Zamfir, due to the effective use of his music in Picnic at Hanging Rock.




Although, I really do need one.