The Ultimate 'Netflix and Chill' Bundle


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This makes me feel very uncomfortable. If a person receives a box full of veggies (and doesn’t know how to cook, cause they can’t be arsed to go to a store), three random ass bottles of wine guaranteed to not go with the vegetarian Asian noodle soup or stir fry (please say it isn’t a stir fry with eggplant and leafy greens), and random ass foreign TV, I just don’t see this going down as a successful date night.

Chinese takeout, Thunderbird, and mst3k. That’s a solid date night.


You’re living in EPA now, right? :smiling_imp:


Pizza, Mad Dog and a Steve Reeves film?


i’ve acclimated that fast, haven’t I.


Unless it comes with condoms, it’s not really “Netflix and chill,” now, is it?


I was thinking of a series of “Japh date night” posts based upon receiving deliveries of “random ass” movies, wine, and ingredients.


I could make it work. I may lose a few michelin stars, but I’m okay with that.


Oblig. (even if you didn’t use a hyphen…)


Is there a Netflix and Jill bundle?

Asking for a friend.


you know, i’ve never met anyone named Jill. Or now that I think about I’ve also never met someone named Netflix.


Fava beans, a fine Chianti, and Silence of the Lambs.


My mind skimmed that as “Rick Steves” film, so now I really want to see him in a movie where he’s an action hero while on his mild mannered travels. With wizard powers.


Tonight’s pledge special… "The Mellow Journeys Of Hercules! "


A few states do not allow direct shipment of Alcohol to individuals. Check with your ABC store.
Some have forms to fill out and you ship directly to the ABC to hold for pick up…(and pay state taxes). YMMV


Microwave meal, 4-pack of Tennents Super-Strong Lager and RedTube.


Aaaaah, Super-T. The only industrial strength lager you can drink warm. The hangover’s not as bat as Special or Kestrel Bastard either. I remember it well…


Tramp juice?


If it’s good enough for Churchill…


Just Look at all that wasteful, nonrecyclable packaging.

Just Look at it!