The uncanny parallel universe of fan-made posters for non-existent movies

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No joke, I would watch a King of the Hill film but it has to be in the original animation style. :slight_smile:



But if it is live action, Dale absolutely need to be played by John Hardwick, the original voice actor.


And how could they do it without Tom Petty or Brittany Murphy?


The picture of Superman on the cover of The Man of Steel Returns is taken from The Dark Knight Returns, almost unaltered: only the ‘S’ shield has been added. It’s from a scene where Clark is battling Soviet troops on the island of Corto Maltese.


I had originally considered my cast for a King of the Hill movie and while Mathew McConaughey was also my obvious choice for Boomhauer, I thought Sharlto Copley would make a great Dale. My choice for Hank was Jason Clarke though.

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I don’t think everyone needs to come back, just Dale. The pic doesn’t do his… impression(?) justice.

ETA: That’s also very sad. I hadn’t really put it together that there were two cast members gone.

I’s wager that the number of posters for non-existent movies have broken all records over the last year.


The casting of King of the Hill is way off. Tom Hanks as Hank? First of all he’s too old and Hank Hill, although middle-aged, is in decent shape and a former athlete. David Koechner, given his usual roles as aggressive, bullying blowhards makes no sense as the damaged Bill Dauterive. Being bald isn’t enough. And Ken Jeong is of Korean background, not Laotian, and unless you believe Asians are interchangeable, this is way off the mark.

Batman vs. Predator sounds like something DC would do.

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