The 'unmatched wisdom' of US foreign policy conducted via Twitter

An interesting take on his phone conversation with Erdogan.


For all he brags about “the art of the deal”, it’s probably very easy to reach one with him – flattery alone will get you decent terms, and letting him think every idea that favours you is his also helps. The real problem is that he’ll always – always – screw you over when it comes time to settle up.

Of course, this is international relations and not a real estate deal in Queens, so he won’t get the chance to renege.


The bad one. The one from which you wake up screaming.


My guess:

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Beautiful. Thank you.

Or to wear unmatched ones.

He’s gone full Generalissimo…

We knew this would happen. He’s admitted he has a conflict of interest, but he “thrives on complicated”. No he doesn’t, he ALWAYS chooses himself over anything else.

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“I will totally destroy and obliterate the Economy of Turkey (I’ve done before!)…”

I take it he’s had loans from their banking system. Nothing should fear a bank more than a Trump loan application.


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