The US government turned down Anne Frank's visa application

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And there’s no parallel to Syrian refugees here.

No, sir.

(/s, in case anyone can’t tell.)


Remember that the next time your awful relatives complain about illegal immigrants.

The answer you will get will have something to do with good people and bad people. Remember poor means lazy.



I’ve never had a Muslim threaten to kick my ass over religion. I can’t say the same for Christians.


I knew two muslims when I did my internship/bachelor’s thesis. They were really great coders and supported me a lot and it was clear to me that their hearts were with their work, their family and interests just like any other person.


It was Elie Wiesel not Simon Wiesenthal who said, “No human being is illegal.”



Yeesh. I knew we were very isolationist back then. But I didn’t know we were that bad…


"Remember that the next time your awful relatives complain about illegal immigrants. " I don’t actually spend enough time among my awful relatives to be exposed to their awfulness.


Odd that this image depicts her wearing a kefiya.

In any case while she was a famous Jew, she wasn’t the only one who was denied entry to the US in that time.

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she wasn’t famous at the time. thus a great point in case.


Why is it that someone expressing an opinion different from yours is automatically a troll?


Some of the clues for their refusal of the Frank family’s visa applications can be found in Edwin Black’s IBM and the Holocaust.

By letting Jews Nazi-fleeing Jews in, the US would have had to renounce some lucrative contracts for IBM and Hollerith selling punch card paper and machines to the Nazis. (Mind you, hypocrisy never seems to bother pols…)

The numbers that holocaust victims/survivors had tattooed to the forearms were database record numbers - the databases were managed by Hollerith machines.


Another huge US company with close connections to Nazi Germany was Ford. The German subsidiary was (more or less) directly controlled by Ford US until the German declaration of war on the US.


It’s not just that the US (and Canada, and lots of other places) turned down Jews during the rise of the Nazis, we turned them down for the same reasons people are turning down Muslims. People contended that the Jews were anarchist and socialist terrorists, that they’d take over our way of life, that they’d leech from the country’s wealth.

I saw an article today titled something like, “This refugee crisis isn’t like the Nazis” and I thought, “Yeah, no shit!” Do people trying to point out the differences think we don’t know there aren’t differences? ISIS is not literally being run by Hitler’s brain in a jar.

But the biggest difference of all is that, unlike in the 30’s and 40’s, we can look back at what happened in the 30’s and 40’s and say, “Wow, let’s not do that again.” The people of that era can, in hindsight, be forgiven for their ignorance (if not for their racism and lack of empathy). What is our fucking excuse.

ETA: Well, my country’s excuse is actually, “Fuck excuses, let’s get 25k refugees here by year end,” so I’m a little pleased about that. But wow, 6M Jews killed in the holocaust. Do you know how many we would say were killed if Canada had taken in an extra 25k? That’s right, 6M.



Thank you for writing what’s in my head. I knew what to expect on social media over the last few days, but that didn’t blunt the overwhelming sadness I get from these fucking idiot American state governors, presidential candidates, and other assorted ignorant fucks. Do they, can they, read? Are they even remotely aware of history? It does not appear to be the case.

Combine the seemingly rampant xenophobia* being expressed in social media and by the folks mentioned above with the still-popular Trump (a master xenophobe* if there ever was one) and his obviously racist/bigoted/xenophobic* supporters…THAT’S what scares me, not these murderous scumbag ISIS/Daesh douchebags. It’s the stuff that those people could get us into that should worry us all.


That isn’t what makes them a troll. What makes them a troll is when they make an account just that day (often minutes ago), show up on a single thread, and then post racist or crazy shit making it clear that they just showed up to troll a particular subject. The person I called out was such an example.

If you scroll up, you’ll find that the mods have purged the postings of that user and their account from the site, which kind of makes my point, doesn’t it? Clearly, I wasn’t the only one that thought them a troll account.

For the record, I and a couple of others have argued that new accounts should be flagged for 48 hours or so with a “moderated” bit to keep this phenomena from happening. So far, Discourse doesn’t allow for that though.


To be fair, this was before she was a famous author.

And, one could argue, that because we have a recording of her horrible ordeal, her death was not in vain and it has proven to be one of greatest stories to illicit empathy in all of humanity. We will be reading about her for a long, long time.

Trump has one-upped himself again:

Though, one could argue that if the record of her horrible ordeal doesn’t stir our sympathies to refugees then maybe her death was completely in vain.