The Victorinox Airox Frequent Flyer Hardside is the perfect carry-on (at least for me)

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It also comes with a built in toothpick holder to hold a toothpick people rarely use


I see a lot of roller luggage with these T-shaped handles, which I assume is so the handle doesn’t jam when you extend or retract it. My question is, does it make the bag more prone to rolling over if you drag it over a bump?

At $250, not much left to buy and put inside …

The light weight is great. I’m not a fan of pockets inside either, but pockets outside are very useful to stash my pocket items while going through security. The inside seperators look like they would annoyingly flop around the vast majority of the time when I didn’t use them. But maybe packing would be different in a T-handle model like this; with my dual-extension model the bottom surface is so curvy that I want to stash whatever items fit between the handle extensions: electronics, shoes, socks, accessories. But with a relatively flat T-handle bottom, perhaps I wouldn’t worry and would just put clothes under the seperator as designed, leaving convenient access to the non-clothes items on top.

I have a larger soft-sided Victorinox suitcase, with the same handle as shown. The telescoping shaft is much tougher and more durable than the typical two-shaft handles, and the designers wisely left enough play in it that it isn’t likely to jam even if slightly damaged.

A feature I really like is that the T-grip can rotate 90 degrees, putting your wrist in a more natural position if you are pulling the bag behind you.

Suitcases are often heavily discounted. The last carry-on I bought was about 50% off list price.

In my (very limited) experience, Vic luggage is much better quality than the low-end brands.

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