The View from Trump Tower


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Tom the Dancing Bug, IN WHICH can be seen The View from Trump Tower.


Looks like a New Yorker cover. This should have been paired with “Melania’s Diary”.


Missed out Scotland, or as he calls it ‘golf course land’.


Where’s the dancing Muslims?


Yes, that is the very direct reference (homage?).



Geeze, I knew the guy was dense, but having an event horizon so strong that he can invert the horizon? that’s impressive!


SS was a giant - a genius with line and his original is certainly one of the most iconic cover images in history. Thanks for posting so I didn’t have to.


Who? I’m up for discovering an illustrator.


Saul Steinberg, who created the original, much-parodied New Yorker cover.


My favorite part is where she’s hiding in the attic.from the Nazis.


Shouldn’t The Boss be in New Jersey…Asbury Park thereabouts?

Oh, wait…


Seems like the time to bring up the (sadly discredited) tale of Pia Zadora playing Anne Frank. Her performance was so moving, the story goes, that when the Nazis came into the house, people in the audience stood up and shouted, “She’s in the attic! SHE’S IN THE ATTIC!”


But, hey, she did win a Golden Globe back in 1982, which her husband absolutely, positively, almost assuredly did NOT buy for her. Somehow, is an unknowable way, just the right people happened to believe that she was a better actress that year than Kathleen Turner or Elizabeth McGovern, in a movie that hadn’t even come out yet. Those things happen. I guess.


Saul Steinberg

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