The Vlogbrothers break down the differences between Trump and Clinton’s tax plans

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Disappointing there are no comments on this important and useful post. Much of the claim to “make America great again” is based on economic policy. Yet the policy is at best nonsensical, and at worst open sabotage of the American economy. This great brief video exposes that fact.


tRumps supporters don’t care… and that is something that makes me very sad about my country.


Actually, I think all of Trump’s “policies” are just ransom stuff he blurts out. Then whatever wonks he hasn’t fired yet have to scramble to make them as legal as possible. What’s left that actually makes sense is just vast tax cuts for the wealthy. Bush gave us the same thing, leading us to the economic paradise of 2008.

Cheers to the Vlogdudes, this video almost made sense of a very complex topic.


As I remember it, Bush gave a pretty detailed and understandable policy pitch in 2000 - but it was just hard to hear around Reagan’s cock.


these guys are the best LOVE EM!

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Pretty sure that 100% of gdp debt ‘rule’ was discredited. There is no such bright line.

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Moreover, I don’t think Greece is a possible destination for the US economy because we control the dollar. It’s not like the EU can demand we pay our debt, then impose austerity measures and stall our economy.

Of course, Trump isn’t too concerned about the national debt because of his vast business experience. You simply declare bankruptcy and it’s gone, easy peasy. Then just print more money, take Iraq’s oil, seize Mexico’s assets, and await the congratulatory tweets. It’s going to be great.


I always feel bad for both John and Hank Green, and by extension SciShow and Crash Course, because both men have dedicated themselves to education and knowledge yet their audience is an ignorant bunch of fuckwits that should have learned something in the years they’ve been operating.


No, that would be China…

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