The Weird Cut of Rick Santorum's 2015 presidential candidacy speech


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There’s a whole lotta crazy too be seen in those eyes.


His target audience has had decades of experience in decoding the emotional content of seemingly ambiguous code words and dogwhistles.


I don’t see what all the applause to his first statement is about.

“Santorum” is featured in all sorts of online magazines quite regularly, or so I’m told.


The hearing protection caution placard in the background is quite appropriate.


I didn’t expect we’d have a clip from the new Twin Peaks so soon.


Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.


There is a gigantic Rick Santorum stepping between buildings, trying not to step on citizens. Yes, he has not stepped on a single citizen during this speech! Make this man President! He can step around the World, only stepping on non-citizens!!

Come on – let’s get wild about Rick Santorum! He is a stepper!


The part that worries me is that he has a Dick Chaney, but it’s not the Dick Chaney. It is another, perhaps an even stronger one.


Careful, if Dick Cheney finds out you said that, he’ll climb into a corporeal body and suck your soul out through your tear ducts, then go to a nearby hospital and eat a newborn baby, placenta and all, to replenish his vital nutrients.


Behold i teach you the superman he is this lightning he is this madness, as The Original Writer once quoted…


He’s Dick Cheney
Yes he’s the real Cheney
All those other Cheneys are just imitatin’


Positively frothing.




I thought Santorum’s presidential candidacy speech was weird enough in the original.


Just a LITTLE stretch of the imagination here: Santorum Launches Campaign; Vows To Fill Nation’s ‘Glory Hole’ -


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