The White House closed its public comment lines, so activists launched a tool to call Trump properties instead


Hmm. It’s easier for me to think of it as a very large number of old men yelling at clouds.

For one thing, it would take a very great many of these cloud-yellers to even be noticed. There’s probably some satisfaction to be derived from calling someone tangentially related to the object of one’s ire and giving them a 30-second piece of one’s mind, and it’s conceivable that enough people will expend enough energy trying out this gag over the next week to exhaust a phone pool or three, but I don’t think it’ll amount to an appreciable loss of revenue for Trump, Inc. They’re more likely to learn to be quicker to hang up on you, and while you’re spinning your wheels crank calling golf courses and hotels, the gears of the Administration continue to heedlessly grind on… because you’re wasting your outrage, time, and energy on pestering golf courses and hotels instead of finding an outlet for your displeasure that would have an actual impact heavier than Abe Simpson’s impact on the weather.

Sure, this is another tool in the toolbox, but I’m hard-pressed to imagine a less-efficient one.

“Mister President, I know you officially have no vested interest any longer in the businesses that bear your family name (wink wink)… but I thought it might interest you to hear that several of your (ahem) former interests have been receiving numerous complaints unrelated to the businesses themselves. Complaints about Your Grace’s governmental policies, in fact.”

“Oh, yeah? How 'bout that. They’re bitching about me to the hotel staff now, since they can’t bitch to the White House switchboard anymore?”

“In a nutshell, Your Eminence. I know it sounds like a merry jape, but these calls are actually adversely affecting the bottom lines of the properties in question.”

“No shit? By how much?”

“Well, customer service is obviously brought to its knees, since legitimate business concerns are unable to get through.”

“How much is this costing me… uh, my kids, Lefty?”

“Revenues are down nearly six percent at the affected properties, my lord.”

“Huh. 'Cause of customer service lines being tied up.”

“Strange, but true, my liege.”

“What’s a liege? Fuck it, never mind. Lefty, let me remind you of something. I’ve lost more fortunes than all of those crank-callers put together will ever see in their lifetimes. I lost 900 million in a single year, then went on to dodge two decades of income tax and end up President of the fuckin’ world. You think anybody’s gonna send me a message by shitting on the front desk of Eric’s hotel?”

“Should I shut down those lines too, Excellency?”

“Sure, I don’t give a rat’s ass. Or hey, better yet, hire more phone bank stiffs.”

“More? But won’t that cost…?”

“People wanna squawk, give 'em somebody to squawk at. Keeps 'em out of my hair while we draft drilling rights into Yellowstone, I can’t be bothered with Eric’s inheritance while Vlad and I have the world’s pussy to grab. Seriously, they’re tying up the golf course’s phone banks? That’s fucking adorable. Y’know, when I was in my 20s, they took a shot at Gerald Ford. Twice. He never had to deal with disgruntled customers complaining about Nixon’s pardon. Sad!”


So, you sucked at your job?

(I kid! I kid!)




Looks like the pendulum really has swung about as far as it can go.

Resistance to all the president’s policies:

2001-2009 = Patriotic dissent
2009-2017 = Racism
2017- = Patriotic dissent


This goes way beyond party affiliation so drop the false equivalencies. Trump really IS a horrible monster of a President who has yet to demonstrate any redeeming qualities.


The same could probably be said for ANY public or private job that includes taking complaints. There is NEVER a direct line to the CEO/Senator/President etc. unless you are super-rich, politically powerful or both.


However, there are much better ways to effect political change in the United States. Like getting Bernie-type Democrats or Independents into feeder positions for higher office. City council member, state assembly, state senate, governorship, federal office… that’s the way the path to power is routed. Pissing and moaning on the phone to poor desk clerks or online to the FaceBorg black hole are both wastes of time and energy.

This move is so characteristic of the Trump gang isn’t it? Everytime they see a way to crap on honest little people, they take it. Problem is, we have a sizable minority of dicks in our society who happily jack off to their thuggery. A minority is always vulnerable though. You know?


Public comment line closed? Not shocking.

Trump rolls like Nixon, and wants to ensure the existence of a Silent Majority.


I favor the “all of the above” approach. Our situation is too dire to accept anything less.


I suspect they want people to communicate with them through FB because they can more easily dismiss and ignore it. But unfortunately, I’ve seen plenty of organizations who ONLY communicate through FB or other social media. I don’t think we should necessarily depend on for-profit social media platforms in order to organize. Because it’s a platform that is controlled by people whose interest might not mesh with those resisting.


Except President Obama had many, many, many policies that if they had been enacted by a republican (or, in the case of Obamacare WAS enacted by a Republican), they would have been lauded and cheered. There was also a ridiculous movement to discredit him as being non-American. How else do you explain that except they didn’t like him because he was black and a democrat?


Which doesn’t really exist.


If he was separated from his business or showed any sign of public opinion not bothering him you would be right, however gumming of the phone lines means his executive staff will know about it and be forced to act, which means Trump is directly impacted by this activism.

You are complaining about people having a shitty job being paid to do their shitty job. Do they realistically have their choice in job? Not really, but they are working for the President’s brand.


Well not yet. He wants it to be us.


I wonder how forcing people to communicate with the WH via Facebook will work with President Zuckerberg?


Won’t it be mandatory? Of course, Zuckerberg would probably actually divest or do a blind trust, but maybe not. Maybe Trump is setting a new precedent here.


What could possibly be easier to ignore than phone calls left on a comment line you don’t even bother to check?


I think you miss the middle step between Trump and Zuckerberg: the ability to vote via Facebook


Indeed. I’d imagine that Zuckerberg would lead the charge to implement that in the first place.


You know why we have President Trump? Because some people are dim-witted enough to actually believe ridiculous false equivalences like this.


The only reason why I don’t do things like this is that it’s unsatisfying on a human level. On an ethical level, the corporation would feel absolutely no guilt about cold calling me in the middle of the night if they thought they could get away with it. I do not owe the corporation any respect, but alas I am human and I have the constraint of being uncomfortable being a douchebag.