The wild story of a new comic book publisher con artist who bought up popular 90s comics IP

I love that the artist felt the need for a belt, but not pants.


One of the first things I learned when I started my apprenticeship in Photolithography was the art of pagination.
Printing book pages 8-up (or whatever) can be a bit counter-intuitive until you observe the whole process.


Right? WTF!


The easy way is to get some A4 plain paper, fold in half along the long edge, then fold in half again, you’ll need a few sheets so that it’s like a comic but without the top of the pages trimmed, then just start numbering the pages in order. Open them out, and you can see the correct order the pages need to be laid out in.
I used to work in print and publishing, and a colleague who was our darkroom technician could work out pagination in her head, but I’m not that smart, so I always had to make up little books, when the finished book is going to have a couple of hundred pages, then care really does need to be taken!
It’s been many years since I had to do that, we were still using Cow Gum, and hot wax for mounting type galleys, but at least we had a primitive photo-setting machine, driven by punch-tape, and not hot metal.

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