The Wolfpack is a documentary about six brothers and a sister who were locked in an apartment for 14 years

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As a child, isolation was my Mother’s go to punishment, it did not produce the same effects as it did with these children, it pretty much made me and my sibs insane, anti-social, and violent.


Moselle’s semi-fictional film “Skate Kitchen” about a New York women’s skate crew is also worth checking out. It has a spin-off series “Betty”, which had an excellent first series, tho the second isn’t really doing it for me so far.


when your dad rounds the bend from “maladjusted” to full-blown psychopathic is when you become a case study found in the psych texts.
one such charming individual locked his daughter in a room after returning from the hospital from the daughter’s birth. her only contact was meals, which were left in the room.

the daughter never learned to speak. turns out, after she was rescued from the household, she couldn’t ever learn. if you are not introduced to the concept of language by around age six, your mind moves on and those pathways are forever closed. she spent the rest of her life grunting and being studied by psychologists.


I’m amazed they seem as well adjusted as they do since their father (who also imprisoned their mother) robbed them of their childhood and made their future a constant struggle. Oscar Angulo belongs in prison; instead he still lives with all but one of them in the same apartment he where he confined them.


I remember seeing a trailer for this awhile ago. I would like to check it out. Is it on a streaming service?


It’s free on YouTube, but requires a sign-in…

It’s also available to rent or buy on Amazon Prime Video.

I also found this…


If you have a library card and your library is affiliated you can stream it from and probably Kanopy.


One part of me wonders what happened to the sister. One part of me doesn’t want to find out.


I had an an amazing lecturer in film theory who posed the question “is there a difference between remembering or mistakenly remembering life’s past events, dreams and cinema?” (paraphrasing).

Both Bill Routt (look up his writings) and my father are now in dementia and I wonder if this is not necessarily a bad place to be, it is for us on the outside but what are they dreaming of?

With regard to ‘The Wolf Pack’ if Tarantino and Lynch are just part of your psychological make up pinging off all the other films these guys and gal watched then perhaps they may be more acutely socialised not having the mundane everyday stuff.


Believe it or not, Supernatural S8E8 is a really touching (in their own way) and somewhat hilarious take on that question.


I believe you are referring to “Genie” Clarke, a more disgusting tale of abuse even than this one.


Thank you

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Who knows,maybe they started their outdoor forays after watching Lanthimos’ Dogtooth, and becoming aware of their unnatural imprisonment.

Highly recommended movie, BTW.

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I was actually wondering what they would make of Dogtooth if they saw it. I hope that they don’t see it, though. It would be pretty traumatic for them, I imagine.

For everyone else, I second your recommendation!

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Somewhere between the ages of 9 and 12 one dry summer, my cousin (same age) thought to have us crawl through the flood control piping and into the 500 year walled (not sloped) channel. Once there, I knew the way out was simply to walk a couple of blocks down, around a bend, then up stream (the other side of a “Y” that divided our canyon) which was fed naturally and I’d poked around for frogs there and knew you could just walk out. However, my cousin was having none of that sensibility from me and cried out for help. As a result of our “need to be rescued” I was grounded for a year.

This was 100% about her fear and not about her child’s problem solving abilities.

I would have taken the kids through the whole system, let them know they could be arrested (there are houses and walking paths along the top, and any adult who doesn’t know the kid should and would call the cops) and that some systems have dams upstream that could break and there’s be no escape from death… But, also, to consider the merits of flood control vs. habitat preservation.

I wouldn’t say I’ve grown from telling this to my mom so much later in life. But, it was a thing to say and let go of, and is emblematic of the whole childhood - her fear and paranoia were so legendary, for her birthday once I got her the Worst Case Scenario Handbook.

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Chapter three is entirely about me & my life.


Agreed. I would like to know if something terrible happened to the sister before I watch this. My suspicion is that some bad things did happen to her, and the doc might not touch on it.

Although to be fair the kinds of abuse that can happen can occur just as easily with boys.

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