The WonderCube Pro is only 1 inch across, but may be your new mobile EDC go-to

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Just don’t lose your keys!

Worst demo music, ever!

Am… am I having a stroke? Is this a Jacob’s Ladder type of scenario?

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Did they?


Even if they did, it would be an incredibly stupid thing to claim about a USB adapter.


This thing looks so flimsy, it’s just gonna break. And it normally retails for 80 bucks? lol

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Unless I can cut someone with it, it’s not much of a swiss army knife.


I like how the lightning and USB-C connections are just loose adapters, so prepare to carry around an extra-tiny thing with your very loseable and fragile tiny thing.


Not Forbes magazine.

Billy Forbes, the plastic magnate.


I’m beginning to wonder if StackSocial Ad copy is being written by a Trump campaign almum. It seems to have a similar relationship with the facts as the Trump campaign… :-/


Time to dump on this product.

1:52 “You won’t even notice it…”

missing from your backpack

1:55 “Until you need it”

And at :13 , they couldn’t even place the device to be in focus.

Also, 9v ? There’s no juice in a 9v battery, a single AA packs way more punch.

Plastic magnates - how do they fucking work?

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Wait? Forbes a “magazine” that has nothing to do with technology called it “timeless”? Well, that got me convinced.

Shouldn’t this stuff just be labeled an ad in BoingBoing?

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9V is about 19 kJ, while a AA is 15 kJ. In addition, there is a minimum voltage required to activate most types of circuits and this is related to voltage bias necessary for a semiconductor. Even a “joule-thief” circuit can’t bring this minimum required voltage down to 0. This means a 9V can be discharge proportionally more than a single AA.

Of course a 9V weighs more than a AA. It takes up significantly more volume for the amount of energy it offers. It is more expensive. And uses more material for the case and partitions of cells than a single AA cell.

Two AA’s beats one 9V in just about every way imaginable. Not only because 3V (1.5V * 2) is a very usable voltage for modern electronics, but you also have more 50% more energy in 2xAA as compared to one 9V.

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