The wonderful watercolors and ink drawings of John J Muth

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The Zen Shorts was my first introduction to John Muth, though I didn’t know it at the time. I know I loved that book. Bought ostensibly for my son when he was younger.

Also have some Sandmans he drew (in the collected graphic novel).

Boy, I wish I could draw. I’ve been on a comics binge.

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My introduction to his work was through the short-lived Epic magazine that Marvel put out to rival Heavy Metal: more American artists to counter the more European content of its rival. I also am a big fan of his Dr. Strange story Into Shamballa, and I also bought his version of Dracula because of how his illustrations captured Bram Stoker’s tale.

I now need to find Moonshadow, now that I did a shallow dive and saw that he continued to collaborate with J. M. DeMattheis.

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