The world’s heaviest weight


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Jupiter is even heavier. Even God can’t pick it up.


World’s’ largest paper weight.


Jupiter is nearly 318 times as massive as Earth.

Uranus is only 14.5 times as massive.


What’s a “pound”?


I say, it is rather the Earth that is the heaviest weight used for measurements on this planet.


Do you even lift, bro?


NIST is actually located in Gaithersburg, MD rather than Washington DC


The unit of currency in Britain.

Other than that, it’s a unit of force (or weight), not mass. The mass equivalent is the slug, which is equal to 32.2 pound * s2 * ft -1, or 14.6 kg.


Although in this case, they are using it to measure force rather than mass, so it might be more appropriate to convert Lbs to Newtons… After all, the superlative in the headline is “heaviest” not “most massive.”


Perhaps someone should tell them about recent developments:


About 1.29 US dollars.


Yes, but the sun of god can move it…


Any one of several different units (see the chart at the bottom) or the currency originally based on the value of one Tower Pound of Sterling silver. Sometimes it is used to measure force Pounds (force) and sometimes mass Pounds (mass).


I actually have that map on the wall of my office. I am such a total prat that I sometimes ask people to guess what it represents.


Rick Seifarth seems like he’d be a really cool guy to hang around with.


You god, maybe. My god is Helios.

and helios keeps Jupiter on a long leash.


The USA does use the metric system. Given our poor educational system, it shouldn’t be surprising that we have lots of citizens who aren’t intellectually advanced enough to use a system based on universals and mathmatical principles, like our timekeeping, calendar, and weights and measures systems are, so our money is metric. Even our least cognitively developed citizens can understand the value of money, and the metric system is highly suitable for primitives who can’t deal with fractions or even simple division, since the metric system’s crude anthropomorphic basis lets any troglodyte know when to add a zero or move a decimal point by simply counting their fingers or toes.


I bet English people who are two or three stone overweight get it wrong, but that’s because they drink too many Imperial pints of lager.