The world's average flag

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Hail Averaga!


Land of Blendy!


So the average flag looks something like this then.

If red represents blood, then it looks correct.

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I salute it, vigorously.

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Quite the opposite. It’s also anti-Japanese. Wait til Sailor Moon finds out!

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There’s an interestingly Union Jack-looking piece up on the side there.

Tut tut; Or and Argent are not properly called colours in Heraldry, but metals!
A vexillologist they may be, an armorist they are not!

(That’s still a really neat project though.)


Anyone else getting Ænima vibes?

Where the inhabitants are well, averaged.

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We must arm and strike back against those perfidious Outliers!

I wonder what it would look like scaled for each country’s population and/or size.

It’s not the size of the flag that matters. It’s the way the flag is waved.

It looks like a bad, cheap silk screen “trendy” t-shirt from a generic chain of department store.


Looks like someone pulled packing tape off a nice shiny present.


Yep… and here’s why; more than a few countries/territories which still sport the UJ in their flags.


“U and J, U and J!!”

Hey, pointless patriotism is fun if you ignore the horrific colonial history! :smiley:

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That’s the little bit of Empire that the Brexiters think they’re getting back…

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"Trood calls [below; female and male] “the most reliable portrait of what the average composite ‘Face of Humanity’ looks like to date.”

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