The world's worst gun safe

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Yes, but, suppose your house is under attack by an armed burglar, and you can’t find the keys to the gun case (and in all the panic, you forget that the damn lock is biometric)?

I’d say this is great!


If only there was a high dollar market for a false sense of security… :thinking::money_mouth_face:


Gotta stash those dank carpets somewhere


Never heard of these brands. If you are buying safes, for guns, beanie babies, or Nazi gold, I wouldn’t skimp too much.

There is an ASTM standard for “youth resistant safes”. Wow - it’s got a pay wall for you to see what those standards are.

Anyway, are these safes certified for the ASTM standard? If not, I would definitely make sure one’s safe is up to an ASTM standard. Evidently there is also a California safety standard as well. If these safes are certified for the standard then definitely there is either a problem with the standard being too loose (tests for some scenarios, but not other scenarios causing a fail), or people giving the certification are not doing a good job.

And remember, if they are old enough to defeat a shitty safe, they are old enough to have proper safety training and handling.


I stash my gun in a hollowed-out copy of a Bill Cosby book. Ain’t nobody touching that.


Isn’t this the world’s worst gun safe?


Yeah it’s a terrible product, but with the company out of business it seems like you’re not going to run into it very often unless you’re buying off of Craigslist or something.

“Shitty product failed in the marketplace.” doesn’t seem like a big surprise.

Gun safe at any speed


It just means that responsible gun-safety-conscious gun-owners killed by the home invader they bought the gun for to counter in the first place will be out-evolved by their children who, it is well known, are the only ones capable of quickly opening childproof locks. It’s the circle of life, man.

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Quick! File a DMCA claim and take that video offline!


what about the gun safe where you push the button and it slowly opens up and a little hand comes out holding a gun and shoots you and then presses the button to close the safe back up? That one’s pretty bad too.


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