Themepark in an ancient, cavernous Transylvanian salt-mine


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Wha… wha… wha… cool! By why isn’t it a Bond villain HQ?


My great-grandfather once told me that our family had worked in and/or owned those mines throughout their history. I had no idea how very cool they were (though likely not for my 14th century ancestors).


Robyn and Rand Miller, eat your hearts out.


I assume that somebody claimed it as their HQ ages ago…


Salt is the most powerful resource in Civilization V, and woe unto you if Montezuma has it.


Who is to say that it isn’t both?


Of course for those of us kicking is oldschool boardgame style, are thinking “Salt for hides, I have salt for hides.”


I really like that they had the restraint to stick with a stark white lighting scheme instead of succumbing to the mindless “use all the colors!” approach that LEDs have made ubiquitous these days. Let the caverns show themselves off; not everything needs to be rainbows all the time.

Yes, I know that white light is technically “all the colors.”


Aand, another place I really would like to see.

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