Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes denied new trial

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Does she still do “froggy voice”, essentially the only thing I care about regarding this grifter.


If you can’t do the time; don’t fuck with the rich.


It’s a marvellous new innovation by the justice system. They did hundreds of trials for loads of charges, all based on one tiny appearance in court.


Obviously her reproductive choices are her own, but part of me still wonders if this was a “try to get sympathy out of the court” pregnancy or a “better try for a kid now since I may be too old by the time I get out of prison” pregnancy.

Either way, hope the kid ends up in a loving home.


I feel sorry for Balto, her “wolf” pup that was famous for crapping on the Theranos office floors…


Exactly. Her particular grift placed her in dangerous territory. Grifting the poor(er) would have been much safer and lasted much longer.


Grifters like her have earned no benefit of doubt, so I’m going with the former.


Found guilty of a multi-million dollar fraud in January, still living at home in November. Imagine what would have happened to her if she had sold a tiny amount of cocaine to an undercover cop?
(and not been a rich white woman of course).


If she was a rich white man, the whole thing would have been quietly swept under the rug and she’d be given all new VC for whatever new venture she wanted to start.

Like Martha Stewart said, “I went to prison for something once that hundreds of men in the business do every day”. That doesn’t make what she did okay of course, but she’s also not wrong.

As distasteful as this woman is, it never hurts to remember she’s not the top of the privilege pyramid.


She is absolutely at the top of the privilege pyramid. This is from her Wikipedia page: " Her father, Christian Rasmus Holmes IV, was a vice president at Enron, an energy company that later went bankrupt after an accounting fraud scandal. Her mother, Noel Anne (née Daoust), worked as a Congressional committee staffer.
Elizabeth Holmes is a member of the American ruling class, and her gender is irrelevant.
Martha Stewart is bitter because she suffered consequences and that shouldn’t happen to rich people.
In fact it wouldn’t have, if she had kept her mouth shut, but she can’t do that either.


Holmes is scheduled for sentencing on November 18.

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To me, her immediate appearance is the least interesting aspect. Having anarchist sympathies I find I am a lot more interested in how she siloed her staff, bullied those who dared to asked questions and built up a weird security regime with an almost para military vibe to it.

This has broader relevance seeing as there are thousands of managers and higher up execs all over the place getting away with similar shit every day. In this one single instance someone was ultimately found out to be a complete fraud, and thanks to that she can no longer send her lawyers after critics and dissenters. But what can we learn from this? How can we use this collective experience to stand up to the bullies? We shouldn’t have to wait until complete bankruptcy before we can talk openly about these assholes.


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