Theranos' Sunny Balwani convicted of fraud

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Rookie Mistake; only ever defraud the poor.


Good. Hopefully he’ll get a proper slice of that potential 20.

He definitely didn’t have the star power of the two; but from all the trial coverage I read he was also deep in it(more on the yelling business bro side than the fake science side; but very much in a position of knowledge and control); so it would be tragic for him to skate because he’s just so banal and how-bad-could-a-white-collar-criminal-be-really? while Holmes became decisively unlikeable more or less the moment her RDF started to shut down.


Basically no-one went to prison for the 2008 housing collapse which bankrupted mostly working class people.
Bernie Madoff, on the other hand, ripped off rich people and got sentenced to 150 years in prison.


The props people should have flipped the katanas mounted on his wall over; you never store or carry them sheathed with the blade facing down (or maybe he actually had them inverted on his office wall and the set dressers copied the items in the room to the last detail.)

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Maybe I’m just a cruel bearer of hurtful stereotypes; but a set of incorrectly displayed katanas to go with his copy of The Art of War and raging sense that he’s the smartest guy in the room and can only be failed by his lackwit subordinates seems like a precisely correct touch.


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