There will 23,000 new eligible voters for Georgia's January run-off election

Depressing that the morbidity impact of Covid affects African Americans at the rate it does.


Ah, gotcha.

Yes. That is depressing. But entirely the outcome of systemic racism. We’ve known for a while now that for the Black community lack robust access to health care and are often treated in dismissive ways by white providers. Yes, it’s depressing, but it’s an issue we should have been addressing for years now.


McSally’s problem was uniquely an Arizona Republican thing though, due to Trump’s maligning of Saint John of McCain.


I don’t think Georgia voters were especially happy with how he talked about John Lewis either.


GA Democrats sure, but I doubt GA Republicans had a problem with it.

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If there are specific known useful / effective opportunities to fundraise / send texts / send postcards for the GA races please let me know in the following topic. We’re doing weekly fundraisers on Twitter, we have raised $24k so far and I’m not stopping until the votes have all been cast!

I want to be able to say I did every single thing I could think of to help.


At some point, Georgia was so badly gerrymandered, it couldn’t be called a Democracy. Stacy Abrams has performed a miracle since Kemp cheated her out of the GA governorship. No one should ever be instrumental in an election that they are participating in!
Anyway, I’m hoping that since the National Elections are over, there will be a chance to concentrate on GA and that The Obamas, Ms. Abrams and other voting advocates will be able to stay on top of the machinations we know are coming from the repubs.


I wouldn’t count on that. I think the mainstream of the GOP embrace centrism, generally speaking. Most of the GOP leadership in GA wouldn’t speak against Lewis. He’s pretty beloved here.


You can do this, GA.


Both kids in our house were procrastinating on requesting a ballot for the main election (and one is an activist, ferchrissake!). We emailed them the link to request it online, prodded them to get out their drivers license (its one requirement) and had them forward us their confirmation email. Once the ballots came we sat down and chatted about all of the candidates and they made their choices. We confirmed their enveloping process was done right (double bagged) and signed/sealed/etc. We delivered them all personally to the primary drop box by the election office which is legit.

We’re doing the same again now; not taking any chances here!


I agree with you. It’s also clear that while they’re better than the Republicans in those regards, they’re extremely timid and essentially never actually fight to enact any of their supposed priorities or to build a lasting presence in courts or at the state and local levels. I have never seen any democrat with any position of power put forward a bill that would actually do enough to make a dent on global warming, not even close, and then they compromise downward from there. Gay marriage was made law by the supreme court, not elected democrats. The ACA was originally a republican plan (no matter that the republicans turned around and opposed it as soon as the democrats adopted it). So what advances have the democrats made on any major civil rights issues in the past 30 years, exactly? Young adults are smart enough to recognize empty words.

If you want to engage and motivate people who are new to the political process, and who are still more idealistic than older generations on average, you need more than “caring about others and the future at all.” If you don’t want to, and don’t care to give an honest and persuasive explanation as to why, that’s fine, but then don’t turn around and complain they aren’t voting for you.


We’ll likely vote in person early again. Plan to get the kid registered this week.


Also her opponent was a genuinely awesome guy. Mark Kelly: Navy Captain, astronaut, husband to Gabby Giffords the Representative who would not die.


Giffords was a Representative, not a Senator. Otherwise, 100% agree.