There's a place in LA that sells ukuleles and espresso, and it is terrific

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I fucking love Tiny Tim and his ukulele!


“Good morning. I was just skimming Cannery Row by John Steinbeck in the Palms-Rancho Park Branch Library when I suddenly came over all lassitudinous.”



“Come again?”

“I was all out of gas.”

“Ah, tired.”

“Exactly. And I thought a caffeinated beverage would do the trick. So I curtailed my Steinbecking, sallied forth and infiltrated your place of purveyance to negotiate the sale of an Italian brewed potation enhanced with a touch of dairy.”

“Excuse me?”

“I want to buy an espresso.”

“Oh, I thought you were complaining about the ukulele music.”

“Oh, heaven forbid! I am one who delights in all manifestations of the Hawaiian muse!”


Sounds interesting. ⇦ I crack myself up.

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Plus the great Japanese garden behind it. This place is great.

Some very nice high-end ukuleles in the background. I noticed Kamakas and KoAlohas. Zoinks!

That place sounds insufferable.


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slow clap

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