These are the cheapest Michelin three-star restaurants in the world (but they ain't that cheap)

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A timely article for those who want to cut costs as inflation skyrockets. Michelin-star restaurants: it’s the only way to save!


I accept I might never intentionally experience a Michelin rated restaurant. It’s not just the prices, but it’s actually the getting to the city where these are located.


At the same time, the cliche that you get what you pay for doesn’t always apply, especially when it comes to restaurants

Interesting that there is no overlap between the 3 lowest-rated restaurants and the 3 cheapest restaurants. There is also no overlap between the 3 highest-rated restaurants and the 3 most expensive restaurants.


You can easily spend over $100 on extremely mediocre food these days, at least in California, so these actually seem incredibly cheap, given what you actually are getting for that money.

Michelin guides distinguish “stars” (indicating the quality of the food) from “forks” (indicating sumptuousness of surroundings and attentiveness of staff, etc.). The number of forks best correlate to cost, as they indicate the luxuriousness of the restaurant - and are best ignored if you’re actually there for the food. Many restaurants are going for high ratings in both, but not always. This is why there’s actual street food in Singapore that has Michelin stars, where they’re obviously not remotely fancy restaurants.


Anyone here ever watch Jiro Dreams of Sushi, about the famous proprietor of a three-star, $4500/diner restaurant that lost a star?

CORRECTION: $270/diner

(excerpt) But the newest edition of the Tokyo Michelin Guide will no longer recommend Ono’s restaurant – not because the quality has declined, but because it’s nearly impossible for a regular person to eat there.

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I don’t see how they overlooked the WaWa on 20th & Market streets.



Now the secret is out.


Other than stroking your ego why would you be willing to spend that kind of money 1 person to have 1 meal. Its obscene. There’s a local burger joint that sells burgers from a local farm that has only grass fed coms. Fries come out of a big bag of potatoes delivered regularly and tea, coke or whatever all for under $10. So take a dozen people out to eat for less than the price of 1 steamed ego meal. Damn good burgers too.

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Surely you mean Yen. Right?



No. Dollars. The place only has 10 seats and they are only attained via a luxury hotel.

I’ll look for their website for the latest $, although I don’t think it would state the prices.


My first search pulled up 600K YEN. I’ll edit my first post so people don’t start spitting out whatever they’re drinking.


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