These are the Chinese bros who make bras and underwear


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“Same clothes, same place, same process."

I feel your pain Bro…


“I understand you’re now working on an exclusive line of TRUMP brand underwear.”

“Yes, we are honored to have been chosen to produce this totally excellent suite of quality undergarments. The first batch goes out today.”

“Boxers or briefs?”



First Ch-eye-na stole our jobs, and now they’re taking our ennui! And we stole that from France fair and square!



I hope I look blasé enough.


Time to expand into the bespoke undergarments market.


“Meet… The Bro”


Oddly I find repetitive work rather soothing especially if I make a game out of it like trying to beat my record for how many I can do jn one day or something

Ii could totally get behind doing quality control for products on a conveyer belt if salaries were a lot higher. I mean, it is basically the same reason I obsessively played bejeweled.




I think a lot of people feel this way. I find repetitive Photoshop work rewarding. Any task I can do without making decisions is a nice break from my regular life.

You and I would probably love working in a sweatshop.

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