These delightful lapel pins celebrate literature


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They are cool, but I don’t know if I’d be comfortable walking around with “Lolita” on my lapel…


the HHGTTG one a good way to tell the hoopy froods from the strags


I want many. I also want to request a scarlet pimpernel one.


They do sell one, but the page just 404s.


Boy, someone sure likes Harry Potter.

No Scarlet Letter pin? :disappointed:


How about one that’s entirely red?
"Oh yeah, that’s The Red Badge of Courage…"
Sorry :smiling_imp:


You’re just trying to get a massive postal order, aren’t you?


Not enough: I’d only buy them if there were a complete set, and I can’t find either book 6 or 7.

(Not that I’d buy them anyway; >$100 for pins is outside of my pin budget).


It could be worse:


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