These dog and cat face swaps are creepy


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The 5th one from the top will stay with me for life.

I blame myself.


I laughed hard at that one. It took me by surprise - until that point, they were cute, a bit odd, but not terribly dramatic.


Dogs look better as cats than cats do as dogs.

Thus proving cats are special and unique.


The dog-faced/cat-bodied one in the 2nd pic could pass for a Corgi!


I’m hoping that the cat in the last one is not just face-swapped, but also shooped next to the bear…


Pictures of what we’d up with if certain geneticists had their way.


In any event, I think we’ve stumbled upon The Henson Company’s secret to creature design.


Or if I was a geneticist.

I know it would actually take an institute of scientists and millions of dollars, but we’d make it back the first day on YouTube after I spliced a bear and Maru.


4:25 !!!

Go, Maru! Go!


This might (if only barely) fit into the narrative here of bizarre genetic swapping. If not…then… well… it is close to Halloween, so…


PS: Image on the left is of the innards of a dog’s ear.


All face-swaps are creepy.


Yeah, a lot of the dog faces on cats just look like… dogs. Puppies, mostly.


wait - that last ones a bear. I’m calling bearshit on that.


Too late! (“Lykoi” cats)


Zounds! Never heard of these.

Per wiki, Lykois are a product of natural genetic mutation, and just happen to look like what people would describe as werewolves (at least when they get a bit older). In spite of being clingy and affectionate, I don’t know how I’d react waking up in the morning with one of these guys sitting on my chest:


And the image on the right is a horse’s ass.


Silly, if you had one of those sitting on your chest, you’d never wake up!


Thanks for the nightmares!


Some are just straight up silly.