These 'temperature blankets' show a whole year's worth of weather!



If he keeps it up, I say we start posting stories about pregnancy, labor, delivery, and post-partum details as well.


Um. I spent over a month on bed rest after I developed a syncope problem that meant I kept passing out cold. I had a lot of time to kill during my pregnancy since I couldn’t go anywhere or do anything.


Traditionally pregnant women “make something for the baby” – even several somethings, depending on their other commitments. My mother made my youngest brother a blanket while already raising two kids and working full time.

The internet is littered with free knitting patterns designed by people while they were expecting, or just after the baby was born.

Temperature blankets, by design, are knit one row per day – not a big time commitment.

What the hell are you talking about?


I know reading comprehension can be hard, but you should give it another try. There is no misogyny in the original post. What you’re trying to be angry at is simply a (perhaps poorly worded) explanation of confusion over the data source for the blanket.


Interesting project, and am glad temperature knitting is getting some attention. We at the Tempestry Project are coordinating temperature knitting (and crocheting!) for specific locations as a visual display of changing temperatures over the decades. We source our information from NOAA, and have posted the project specs at (where we also sell custom kits tailored to customers’ specific location/year requests).

Happy knitting!


Thanks for giving us more info!


The assumption that pregnant women have time to kill.
Only the few women I’ve known in my 65 years, who were ordered to bed rest have had the opportunity to honor a basically long gone tradition.
Times have changed!
Bed Rest During Pregnancy - FamilyEducation › Pregnancy
About 20 percent of pregnancies require bed rest, or about 700,000 women per year.

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So, 700,000 pregnant women a year have time to kill?

What are you on about? And do you realize you’re mostly arguing with women?


I think, directly, ONLY women!


Well, there is the original poster…

Hey, wait a minute…

They’re both beschizza!!!


Frankly, I’m more concerned that you seem to think that pregnancy is a full-time activity. Yes, a pregnant woman is pregnant full-time, but that doesn’t stop her from being a fully-functioning person.


I would not use rounds. I would go row-by-row, probably using a simple single-crochet for effect. But if I lived in an area that had a lot of temperature variation, I might go for even a treble just to make those weird hot/cold spells stand out more.

Most of the examples I see seem to be moss stitch. Moss stitch is probably better.

But yeah, don’t use rounds. The original example looks like condoms.


I am highly amused at someone trying to explain pregnancy to what appears to be mostly mothers.


Always gotta be somebody explaining things to women that women clearly already know.

I’ve been crocheting since I was 7 and knitting since I was 9, it’s not like I got knocked up then figured I’d pick up a new hobby. What a weird thing to assume. And it’s not like you’re ever gonna get knocked up. So what the heck are you doing with string and a pointy stick?


Nothing. If it were a string and two pointy sticks, I’d be knitting. If it were a string and a hooked stick, I’d be crocheting.

I might not ever get knocked up, but it’s a good fidget, and a nice meditative activity to let my hands work while my head de-stresses.


I have a queen size blanket consisting of knitting pattern samples that I knit over the course of about 7 years while watching Red Wings games. If you’re planting your butt in front of the tube for a couple hours, may as well be useful, eh?


I don’t understand what it is you think pregnant women do all day, that is somehow different from what non-pregnant women do. If I had time for hobbies before pregnancy, surely I also had time during pregnancy.

What is it specifically about pregnancy that you think consumes our free time?


Then I’d say you’re hanging out with the wrong people if you want to comment on this.

I mentioned my mum knitting that blanket for her third kid. She wasn’t on bed rest, already had two kids, worked full-time until shortly before she gave birth. She’s about your age.

I can walk into any yarn shop in any major city in North America or Western Europe and walk out with half a dozen new stories of pregnant women or new mums knitting/crocheting stuff. The tradition hasn’t died out at all – it’s becoming more popular again. Check out Knitty or Ravelry for examples. There’s loads.

And again: temperature blankets are one row per day. Easy to do over watching the evening news.