They finally opened a ____ near me!


To celebrate when a chain finally opens up by you…

Here’s mine … They opened a full blown Tim Horton’s by me … In New Jersey!!!


Kosher restaurant


Mod Pizza.

It’s decent. Like, Mod is to pizza what Chipotle is to burritos. Better than Taco(bell)/(time) (better than dominos or pizza hut) but not outstanding. Middle of the road.


I think there is a Shack Shake in the ATL, but it’s up in Buckhead, I think? But we have a Cookout downtown, too, so that might be better anyway.


Sadly, they opened a Chik Fil A down the road here in Oregon. It did, however, give me the opportunity to talk about corporate citizenship and same sex marriage with the kids.


… portal to hell …



Not that I wanted it, I’m just surprised it took so long.


Wow. Seems like Safeway is all over these days.


Wormhole. Ciao!


Resonance cascade



Don’t worry they told me. Everyones a highly trained professional they told me. You don’t need to hear all this they told me.
Now I can’t sit down in the living room as theres a barnacle over the chair.


I have been to one in Austin. It’s pretty good. Up here there is a 1000 Degrees which is not as good as Mod Pizza but basically the same concept.


Popeyes. They serve chicken, or something.


{insert name of chain retail store/food seller, because that’s the only thing that opens around here these days}


“Interdimensional rift” was my first though. Yours were better.


Never heard of it. The bakery chain in the UK?



I still haven’t forgiven them for what they did to Birketts when I was living in Cumbria. It was a good bakery before Greggs bought and destroyed it. They got rid of Birketts seconds shop too, you could get five pies or ten sausage rolls for a pound. If you were short of money you could fill your freezer up quite cheaply.

I don’t know what Greggs does with it’s slightly damaged pies now.


Maybe a new morgue, given Baltimore’s murder rate last year. Only thing opening up near me is new dorms at Morgan State U. Let’s hope they bring a coffee shop and something, anything, other than the crappy Sav-A-Lot and the Maybe-I’ll-Get-Robbed-This-Time liquor store.

However, the liquor store does sell 12-pack Sierra Nevada Pale Ale and sixers of Natty Boh, so maybe I shouldn’t complain.


Fond memories there. Uncle was a Popeyes manager in NE DC for years and years. Every Jewish holiday gathering, the table would be festooned with whitefish/chub, bagels/lox, this wierd sour cream/chive/cucumber mix and 2 big boxes of Popeyes. NOLA meets Posins Deli!