Things I miss: Weebles wobbling, not falling down


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Oh yeah! I remember those commercials …fun times


just did a search and they are still out there!


I made that fucker fall down. Drilled a hole in the back of his head and filled it with lead. He went down and he stayed down.

(Teenagers are stupid).


I loved Weebles!!!


They still exist. Of course, they look totally stupid now.


We were more of a Fischer Price Little People house. I’m so disappointed that they changed the choking hazard standards and now they look all stupid.

edited to add. My little sister had this set which was actually quite cool.
We actually made a stop motion super 8mm movie about the angry kid stealing a scale. We had to tie the scale onto his back with fishing line.


Friend of mine went to Burma in the ~90s, and one thing he saw there (besides depressing military dictatorship and cool landscapes) was a big stone egg-shaped statue. He asked what it was, and was told that it was a traditional kid’s toy - basically, it’s a Weeble statue.


I had this set

and the dog

Once the weebles were no more, the camper was often used by the rebel forces when battling the empire.


Looks more like something Lone Starr would use.


Funny story. As a 4-year-old I had a speech impediment. I pronounced L as W, so my name Lee became “Wee.” My older brother thought this was funny and started calling me “Weebles” as in “Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.” It took some time for that nickname to wear off :blush:


When my brother was very young, before I was around, he asked my parents for “Weebles’ West.” They had no idea what he was talking about and assumed he was mispronouncing something. They wondered what “Reebles Rest” could be.


Why isn’t mom at work?

Oh right, we had a middle class back then.


Man, a weeble must be some seriously tumbly ammunition. Definite Geneva contravention.


Massive impacts in safety glass.


I’ve just been in the band name thread for other reasons, so this goes here:


Massive Impacts In Safety Glass.


I like these too:

Also Piet Hein was a badass.


the rebels in my house always repurposed the other toys in their war against the empire, too. :grinning:


When I lived in Chicago (1973-1986), there used to be a department store called Wieboldt’s. A popular joke back then was the question, “If an earthquake hit Chicago, all the buildings would fall down except one.” Naturally, the answer was, “Wieboldt’s, because they wobble but they don’t fall down.”



My Weebles memory is about how when boys threw them at each other’s heads, they hurt more than other toys.


A smiling ghost with glowing face has a secret hiding place. And that’s not all. There’s plenty more to see.