Think of Glasswire Pro as the heavily fortified gateway to your family network

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Mmmm snake oil


Yeah, some of the BoingBoing Store stuff is getting the jump-the-shark zone. :frowning:

How so? If you have this software on your wifi access point it can tell you all kind of stuff about the outgoing connections right?

I was actually thinking about setting something like this up, but I was going to go looking for a more open-source solution. I guess there are plenty of “hacking” tools that can give me insight in this right?

I tried glasswire a year ago, it sure was pretty, but it lacked many of the features I need, like packet shaping, QoS, true packet inspection, geo fencing rules, application based rules, etc. it is a firewall for people who don’t like firewalls or walls but love colors and fire.

For windows my choice is still the time tested NetLimiter.

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