This $1 head massager is awesome

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Everyone loves a good head massage, even Fido!

Found them in an old abandoned box. What a coincidence Amazon has them for sale!


And it helps you get rid of those pesky eyes! (About 2.40 in)


I always travel with tennis balls for a compact massager. Looks like this would work too. Thanks, Mark!

Wow. I thought your flagrant marketing was bad but this takes the cake.It does magic tricks right?

Not sure why I keep reading the site, maybe from nostalgia for the old days but now it could pretty much be called

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Would you say you’re disappointed?


These head massagers are solid. I have one too and I love a good head scratch.

I had one a few years back, and they are indeed surprisingly magical.

I keep hearing such fantastic things about these massagers; I really should try one sometime.

Generally my tool of choice is one of these circular scalp brushes – which, oddly enough, comes up as “frequently brought together” with the device in question. I’m mildly concerned about what effect the constant scratching might have over the long-term, though.

I wonder if it can whip eggs.

It can beat eggs, whip cream, mash potatoes, crush berries, make a melon bawl, and I heard it even made an arti choke once.
(with apologies to the Muppets)


Don’t press down and you should be fine.

Try it on your inside lower arm: if you mirror the frequency/pressure and you’re not causing damage there, you’re probably fine.

We have one of these at home. My wife and kids LOVE it. I don’t really like being massaged, in general, and definitely not on my head, so I dislike it greatly.

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