This 3-piece collection from KeySmart could change your current EDC roster of items

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it’s very likely your assortment of EDC items has changed too.

My underwear doesn’t have pockets so my EDC is… [taps calculator]… zero.


Yay, more junk to organize your junk!

(And I LOVE how the ad copy just assumes you know what “EDC” stands for. There are evidently two kinds of people in the world, those who know and care about EDC, and those who don’t. I have a pretty good idea which group is more fun to be around…)


I use this and it is actually handy. It was more frustrating to set up than it might appear, but once I did the old keys I only use once week or month are out of the way. I would buy it again, given the choice.

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Technically, you do have the choice.


You never know, weird shopping experiences happen.

Yeah, I started with “Electric Dance Concertina” and got progressively weirder from there.


Extra Dumbasses Conned?

I’ve got to fat keys and one skinny so that’s that…

Earth Defense Corps?

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