These 20 EDC items are definitely worth the daily carry

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That’s interesting that Export Development Canada is involved with these products.


You misunderstood! They clearly mean products made with 1-Ethyl-3-(3-dimethylaminopropyl)carbodiimide!


Unfortunately, the Electric Daisy Carnival was cancelled for 2020 and rescheduled for May of 2021, so we won’t need any of these items for a while. I’d recommend holding off and waiting for better deals.


Do they sell industrial strength braces to keep your pants up when you carry about 30lb of “every day carry” crap around?


the card has more than 43 functions

So, 43.5? 44? 57? How many functions am I getting?


Does DC know you’re using their intellectual property to promote products?

Nope, not never. There’s no Q in the 1954 TV adaptation of Casino Royale.


I think one of the James Bond films weknow have no Q. I think one of the early films, someone else hands Bond a gun. Maybe Dr. No. I think thete’s a later one where he appears, but not at tge beginning.


Yeah, in Dr. No Bond is handed his Walther PPK by someone else. However this person is credited as Major Boothroyd, which is Q’s real name, so it’s more of a case of a different actor than Desmond Llewellyn playing Q.


It’s true: Q is also missing from Live and Let Die, the 2006 Casino Royale, and Quantum of Solace. These boingboingshop copywriters clearly don’t know what they’re talking about! Though maybe they intentionally write such things just to draw the ire of the innumerable pedants lurking in the bbs.


Although his gadgets definitely aren’t.



I might carry one of the last two, maybe, if it was free. :thinking:

Starts off with a nice collection of curse tools.

lol 6,000 words and BBStore doesn’t even bother to define “EDC” for us poor acronym-deficient souls


Isn’t there some way to work this into QAnon, if it hasn’t alread been? And if not why are they slacking

I feel like that key tool had one of its features delisted from the last time it got posted.

Re the brass stylus thingy to put on your keychain, it may be worth pointing out that the majority of keys are made of brass.


I have only seen one actual useful covid hook, and it’s the one that actually retracts into a separate metal body and seals with magnets to keep actual contamination separate.

The antimicrobial properties of brass and bronze will not kill the virus immediately so it’s all marketing bullshit.

That’s not to say that brass is not self disinfecting- to my knowledge it is and that is why every door handle in a hospital and door knob is made of brass. But it’s not an instant cure.

98% of so called EDC gear is useless crap- most of it is designed for purposes that you would almost never run into and it is grossly inadequate for those purposes in addition to that- if you were going to do something that is EDC, stop bothering with 28 pc socket multitools, and get something useful, based on your lifestyle, what you may run into.

Knives that are in any gimmicky handle will act less than useless, and anything with many moving parts won’t work when you need it to.

So much of the EDC industry is driven by male ego, wanting to be batman with a utility belt, it’s sad.

A small, dedicated spring assist knife, maybe some lanyard, are the only things I can actually find useful, but I’m just one grumpy bastard who should be using a CNC machine to crank out lots of this crap for gullible idiots.


This is what Interns are for.
Send them out to deal with the world.

Everyday carry. One of those things that if you knew what it was you’d know what it was, and if you didn’t, you’re not really the target market.

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