This 5-row Bluetooth QWERTY keyboard rolls up so you can take it on the go

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Unless, of course you count the. LG Rolly, which has been available for a couple of years now. It also has a stand, and is pretty neat. It has only 4 rows, but you can access numbers via an fn key.

Do either of these have real keys? I’ve tried the rubber ones and they are teh sucks!

No, it’s real hard plastic keycaps. I bought one, 2 years ago.

At first it was a bit strange having the raised edge right above the keys when you type, but it never actually got in the way.

The key action feels good, but in the end I didn’t use it as much as I expected. Here’s why:

  • you need a flat surface, because the rows have a flexible connection, obviously. That means you can’t really use it in your lap, e.g. on the train, or in the car.
  • key placement is was ultimately a bit in the way, the cursor keys are oddly placed, there’s a largecaps lock key (WHICH I NEVER NEED ANYWAY), and fn and control the wrong way round

Instead I got me a Logitech keys to go, which is so flat it slips into any bag without adding much bulk, and a tiny foldable stand for my mobile. I also don’t use that much, but when I do, it feels great, even though the key travel is so minimal.

Does that answer all the questions you didn’t ask?


My hero! :hugs:

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