This American Life: "I Believe I Can Fly"


For those who have never heard of it, Jonathan Goldstein hosts a radio show/podcast called Wiretap that’s one of the best things in existence.

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This gave me a pleasant jolt of surprise as “Walter Delany” is the grandfather of my very close family friends and the woman interviewed is my Aunt Barb (“Walter”'s daughter). So Walter Delany is the grandfather of the kid shown in this BB post of a video of an automat.

I never met the dude, but that book was legendary in the family, his grandson spent years trying to track down a copy online because the last one had been long lost. The family are mostly non-charlatans and upstanding members of society. Delany’s grandson just completed his PhD in Chemistry. Legitimate science! </trivia>

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That was a pretty great show. I love that the guy who wrote the book was a publisher of similar books and simply wanted to get in on the racket himself.

What a trip, Tavie! Thanks for posting that.

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