This animation shows a dog's six different kinds of gaits


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Fake news…I don’t see my dog’s gait: fat old and happy chocolate lab waddle.


Read the title again. It’s A dog’s six different kinds of gaits - as in that one dog :stuck_out_tongue:
Heck, I think my bassett only has 3. Slow walk, not as slow walk, and hilarious cacophony of accelerated floppy bits…


It’s missing how puppies get around. They bound a lot, in my experience.


funny…Piper has “LIGHTING REFLEXES GAIT OF KRYPTO THE SUPER-DOG” but it only shows up when you shake the milk-bone cookie box.


This is how robots will get around, too.

It’s not too late to stop them.



Missed one.



I’ve identified three gaits for my cocker spaniels. Sneaky, go fast, and GO REALLY FAST. XD


Why did they use a clearly intact male dog?


“Please, spay and neuter your GIFs.” —Bob Barker’s disembodied Meme


My dog gets so excited sometimes that he prances.


Would you prefer a gif of a bitch or a damaged dog? Why?


My hound dog used to amble when he was stalking then break out into a gallup. He terrorized all the bunnies and birds in the neighborhood. (and I’ve had to clean up bits of fur and feathers more than once)




I hate to break it to you but I think that dog might be a fascist.


I know, right. Is that goose stepping, or some other silly walk?


I cringe whenever someone shows a home utility robot rolling around on carpet. To be useful, a home robot should hang from the ceiling like Kevin Spacey in Moon!

Likewise, a robot in the city should be on wheels, like a car because that’s the best way to get around in that kind of environment.

Robots that can walk on uneven terrain like a dog, right now the only place that makes sense to me, is in a theater of war.

We’ve somehow managed to build international treaties that limit the use of nerve gas and nuclear weapons, I sincerely wish we could pass similar agreements on weaponized robotics. I want to see these things doing search and rescue, not fighting “bad guys”.


It’s okay; he had a vasectomy.